A little something other than baby news

Today a delectable little parcel arrived. No, it wasn’t a tiny wailing human parcel, but almost as good – a parcel of books from Amazon.co.jp. I have been eyeing off these interior books for months and wondering if it’s worth the risk of the splurge – so when I saw Yvonne’s review I decided to take the plunge. And I am so glad I did! If you are into ultra modern, ultra chic interior design then perhaps these are not for you but I find them quite inspiring – real rooms full of real stuff – shabby, fun, odd, quirky and interesting. The text is all in Japanese and I am sure it would be great to read about the rooms, but gazing at the photos is still plenty enough.

Here are the links and the ISBNs (courtesy of Yvonne again) if you are interested in buying your own…

Petits Appartements à Paris Р4072504416
Chambres d’enfants √† Paris – 4072486744
Children’s rooms “Stockholm” – 4072501395

I also got one additional title which I saw on Lisa’s blog some time ago — Stockholm’s Kitchens 4072499005.

They are all definitely worth the price plus shipping.

And I have added three blogs to my blogroll– Yvestown, HELLO my name is Heather (run, don’t walk, over there to download the booty pattern!) and Liquid Blog. All three are heartbreakingly pretty.