Stephanie and Mav are having a week of colour. The idea is to post a photo of something of a specified colour for each day of the week – yesterday was white which I missed, and tomorrow is black/grey which hopefully I will miss again because I will be way to busy puffing and so on. Hopefully. But today is brown. And I have been a bit naughty and borrowed a self-portrait of Amelia’s… because when I think brown I think about her eyes. And here’s the best shot I can find:

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    That is a really stunning eye, I also like the background as it is in the shade of brown. Here’s to you huffing and puffing tomorrow. x


    maybe Big-P could take some black/grey pictures of the medical equipment that Im SURE youll be surrounded by tomorrow….Ive got my fingers crossed for you!!


    I couldn’t help but think about what might happen if huffing and puffing takes place on Thursday which is blue (no please! not after the very pink quilt you got down on the floor – respect – to finish), or Friday which is red – and I wont even go there.So looks like Wednesday might actually be the better day karma wise for bub. You can tell bub that, if you want.
    And just because I’m doing a lot of birth obsessing for you, does it not look like Amelia is peering at the lens like she would peer at a baby being born????
    So now I’ve tied you into Mav’s little thing on symbolism too. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Well I suppose that baby has not come yet. I remembered – raspberry leaf tea. That is what makes the uterus bring on contractions.Good luck


    that’s some of the best brown I have seen!
    i keep checking to see if your baby has arrived. sending labor vibes to you! ~~~~~~~~


    What a shot. Amelia’s photogenic and a natural photographer. What a combination!

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