40 weeks and some days I have lost track of

I’m still here! This is ok with me though, as it’s a holiday weekend here and my doctor doesn’t get back from a weekend in the country until tomorrow. And then he goes to Europe for two weeks on Friday, so I have a VERY small window to give birth.
Meanwhile we have spent the evening whizzing around the suburbs trying to find a doctor’s surgery which is open on this holiday Monday to take Amelia to with a return of her ear and throat infection. She’s now tucked up in bed asleep, thank goodness, excited to be wearing Summer “Jarms” (as she calls pajamas) in the middle of Winter.

I am off to drink more camomile tea and watch more Wonder Falls.

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  1. cheekylotus1@yahoo.com

    I cannot believe that the last post I read was that you were expecting and then I lose your link, find it today, come back to check in, and well! I guess it’s been nine months. 😉
    Here’s to a baby soooon! Like today!

  2. artist.in.residence@gmail.com

    Hi there,Just thought I would tell you for future reference that there is a surgery open 7 days a week 24 hours a day in the shopping centre above the Coles on Acland St. Does bulk billing.
    Glad to hear all OK now.

  3. msconnally@nycap.rr.com

    I wish you all the best. Your blogs are the most wonderful things on the web. I’m not terribly crafty, so it is a trait I deeply admire. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  4. weehob@weehob.com

    Oh my gosh, no baby yet? I thought for sure that after not checking your site this weekend, you’d have exciting news. But that’s good it didn’t happen while your doctor was away. Hope Amelia feels better soon.

  5. jo.reid@optusnet.com.au

    Hi Claire,Why do the medical emergencies always happen on Sundays and public holidays. I have the details of an after hours medical clinic a little further east than you if you need them? Fingers crossed for a Tuesday – Friday baby.

  6. sharoncalver@yahoo.co.uk

    Good luck with your impending birth, I was told that eating ripe pineapples would help to move things along, so I did and they seemed to work for me, also raspberry leaf tea is good.I love to read your blogs they inspire me to do all sorts of lovely things. Looking forward to reading your good news soon.

  7. r21eeyore@gmail.com

    I was due June 11th last year and gave birth on the 14th. I will hope for the same for you.

  8. patache@comcast.net

    So sorry that Amelia is under the weather. Take care of yourself and keep as comfortable as you can. I may have to check out Wonder Falls…Lori

  9. scottnmari@comcast.net

    hi-i’ve been thinking about you and checking in from time to time. i think we were due on the same day (the 7th?)& I had my baby boy on the 2d! i know what you mean about having had to find time and energy to do thing you *never* thought you would have done/been able to do the 1st time! i don’t know how you find the time to blog and craft and everything else you do!! actually, i think the hard work is ahead for me – my daughter is 2 and confused – am so glad to have the summer off from work! **Best, best, best** of luck to you!! –mari

  10. wortles@tiscali.co.uk

    I am sure everyone is giving you tips to enourage the little one out into the wide world – but one that has worked for me and quite a few friends – is to spend a hour or two crawling on all flour. I’m sure AJ would love it!

  11. spe79027@bigpond.net.au

    Your Baby Must be a girl My Husband said girls always keep you waiting LOL both my girls were past there due date all my boys where b4Either way I pray your birth is easy and painless

  12. storyteller@storiadivita.com

    The weather just keeps getting hotter and hotter here and it is not even close to August – also know as Hell On Earth here. It is so cool (in every meaning of the word) to hear you talk about it being winter there. I had my boys in July and August and I was sooooo large and it was hot, hot, hot. I should have moved to your part of the world for their births!

  13. petramarc@shaw.ca

    All the best to you…Why not go and be induced…? get it over with!?Sunshine and sloppy kisse to Amelia!

  14. amy@aplcreations.com

    You are so calm and collected about being past your due date. I was borderline hysterical for each of the nine days I was over due with Logan.
    I’m sorry to hear Miss Amelia is not well. I hope she’s feeling better quick.

    And Wonder Falls? I loved that show and now I think I’ll wander over to Amazon and see about buying the boxed set.

    Hope that baby decides to come soon! Hang in there :).

  15. kez@larble.com

    Hi Claire,You need to drink rasberry leaf tea, it helps to ‘tone the uterus’!
    Good for getting things started , or so they say.
    best of luck

  16. nellup@yahoo.com

    Una Pearl was two weeks late, it is a strange state waiting for babies. You sound very zen though ;)Hope you’re keeping cosy in this weather…
    Tuesdays child is full of grace, maybe today?

  17. christinashaver@hotmail.com

    I have been reading your blog for a while now and this is my first comment. I love all your art!! Really amazing. Just wishing you luck on your delivery. All in due time, I guess. My toddler Evan was sick when my baby Tyler was born. Hopefully she’ll feel better soon!!

  18. waya@beforebaby.com

    Hang in there! I wish you an easy, fast birth and a healthy baby!
    Love your other site, Kiddley. Great tips and things to do!

  19. icz@charter.net

    I have to disagree with the “waiting on girls” commenter. I think I may win the prize — I finally gave in and was induced when my ds was 3 weeks & 3 days late. (The OB was, like, calling my house and stuff.) The whole 40-week thing is only an average, anyway. But, I know how strange that “time between” can feel. Here’s to a new baby soon!

  20. gigtm_al@yahoo.com.sg

    Hi there! Have reading your site for a while now and its my first posting here. Been checking your site to see if you’ve given birth. Thought you’d have delivered last weekend cos didnt see any postings from you. Oh gosh, you’re still around. Amazing! Baby’s too comfortable in your tummy! In singapore, most doctors would have advised the moms to induce the babies. =) Hang in there!

  21. melissapaine@hotmail.com

    There is a bulk billing clinic in Eltham that is open 8am – 11pm every day of the year… let me know and i’ll give you the details.

  22. aleciaatl@aol.com

    I’m here in the US and I LOVE WonderFalls (or I guess I should say LOVED). I was so bummed when they canceled it. It’s one of my favorite series, along with Freaks and Geeks (again, cancelled).

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