40 weeks and 2 days (talk about a lazy entry title)

I got to see “Walk the Line” (loved it) and I got to do my regular Saturday morning trip down to the Market and then spent the rest of the day napping on and off.
It’s so cold here now. Fog and haze sat over the suburbs for most of the day and I suddenly find myself wanting to knit again. I remembered this pattern from Knitty and went hunting but realised that by the time I finished it Amelia would probably be too big. I think I may have to go and fish out my old Rowan pattern books and start dreaming of yarn again. It seems to happen every winter.

I went ahead and ordered a subscription to Ottobre Design magazine so thank you for all the glowing reviews. I have promised myself to make at least as much stuff out of it to make back the subscription price in savings on kids’ clothing over the coming year. Even four or so decent appliqued (or stenciled!) t-shirts will probably do the trick. When ordering before the end of July you get to choose a free gift so I selected a basic t-shirt pattern which looks easy and cute.

Does anyone know if there are any other kids’ sewing pattern magazines available that are worth looking at? I want to write a little thing about it on Kiddley in a couple of weeks and my knowledge is lacking.

Anyway, Big-P has just made me a cup of camomile tea and we have an episode of Wonder Falls to watch so I’m over and out!