40 weeks and 1 day

Amelia come down with a bacterial throat and ear infection on Wednesday night which saw me crawling around on the floor of the after-hours doctor surgery mopping up regurgitated broccoli while Big-P comforted her – she who not only had scream-inducing sore ears but who has never experienced throwing up before and was terrified by the whole process. And then back at home again I was changing bed sheets and pajamas over and again, and madly stuffing loads of stinky washing into the machine as midnight marched towards us. I think back to how precious I was about myself and my pregnancy last time and how this time there has been no choice but to keep having to find pockets of energy despite being the size of a house. “Yes! I am enormous! Yes I can still leap tall buildings in a single bound!”. Last time it was more like “Yes! I am enormous! No – I can not possibly get off the couch! Forget it! Bring me more chocolate!”.
Today we went in to see the doctor where we all sat around shrugging and saying “Ok! So we just keep waiting.”

I have just borrowed a copy of “Walk the Line” to watch on dvd tonight in hopes that having a movie out that I really want to see will mean the Universe will work against me and I will find myself suddenly in labour. And then I can say “Haha Universe! I tricked you! I can borrow this movie any time but I really wanted to do was go into labour! Haha!”. That’s how I think. Even when I am not 40+ weeks pregnant.