39 weeks and 6 days

Hello – I’m still here. Not even a last minute dash around IKEA yesterday brought on an early labour which I was sure it would. Now I am convinced it will happen over this coming long weekend when my doctor is sure to be holidaying in the country.
We’ve pretty much finished the work on the baby’s room. We need to move in furniture and bits and pieces so it doesn’t look quite so cold and doesn’t have an intense echo which it does at the moment but the paint work has all been done and the junk has all been moved out. I wrote an article on basic ideas for designing a nursery yesterday for Kiddley and I have to say, while Dad and Big-P’s paint job is quite beautiful, the furnishings and accessories are hardly going to live up to my high standards outlined here! But it will do for now, and the little person who it matters to most won’t have a strong opinion either way about it for years to come. In the mean time I think it’s calm, peaceful and pretty.

The parasol will eventually hang from the ceiling… when we get around to it!

My favourite thing about the room at the moment is this funny old recycled door we bought in Richmond. Dad put in an old door knob as a temporary measure until we find a new, more functional one. I have this funny feeling that like many other of our temporary measures it might just become permanent. The door knob comes from the ruins of the old family house up in the country. It was the house that the family first lived in when they moved into the area but they left it for a newer, more sturdy place down the hill taking anything of use, leaving the rest on the hill to slowly disintegrate. All that is left standing there now is the wooden kitchen and a chimney surrounded by mounds of earth which were once the mud walls. Some years ago we had a bit of an amateur archeological dig up there and found all sorts of stuff including this door knob. It’s not exactly the most attractive door knob but I do like a good story and a good family historical connection. So it just might stay. Big-P thinks I am a bit mad, but I also like the outline of the old plate etched into the wood…

So now I need to put away all the baby clothes, hem the curtains, hang some pictures (not sure what they will be yet!), put in a feeding chair and some cushions and a floor rug etc. Lots still to do but at least the baby can come home to a room now.