Blogging Baby readers may think I am INSANE

It occurred to me a few months ago that our baby’s due date is the 8th June 2006. A very nice date but one which is terribly close to the 6th of June 2006 — which is 6 of the 6 of the 6…. Ha ha! We laughed at the time. How funny to give birth on the day of the number of the devil… haha…. ha.
When I finished laughing and starting saying things like “hmm, I don’t know how good I feel about that actually”, Big-P pointed out that the date will actually be 6.6.2006 which is not the same as the year 6. No, it’s 2000 years off in fact.

Last night an ad popped up on my computer telling me that the remake of the Omen is being released on 6.6.6. Hey – Don’t they know they are 2000 years off? However, it didn’t make me feel too good.

So this morning I see over on Blogging Baby that there is a woman in the UK who is actually due on the 6th and she’s freaking out. Poor lass! She needs a nice sensible husband to tell her that the anti-christ would be 2000 years late for his delivery appointment so stop worrying and go back to sleep.

That being said, BB’s chosen image made me feel a little odd to say the least. Secondly, whilst I wouldn’t be into inducing my baby or organising a caesarian to avoid the date, and I haven’t been seriously worried about giving birth to the anti-christ… I do understand the woman’s concern. And wow! Do the Blogging Baby readers rip into her!

I know one book I won’t be dipping into this coming week – Doris Lessing’s The Fifth Child (crikey! The new cover design on that book is quite alarming! Who came up with that concept??!). Have you read it? Quite creepy.