What’s in a name?

I am feeling quite overwhelmed by the beautiful packets of fabric sitting on my kitchen table. Look how lovely they are!

Christina and I put in an order with Cia’s Palette for a bunch of Denyse Schmidt fabrics a week or so ago and here they are! They look so good all packaged up I am reluctant to undo them. What bliss. Now I just need to find the time to refocus my crafting mojo and make something… actually, I think all that can wait until we get to the other side (insert spooky echo).

Now we are into the last couple of weeks of this side, Big-P and I have moved into baby-name negotiations. I have been collecting all suggestions (apart from some of the less appropriate ones that Amelia has suggested such as Dora (the Explorer), Jack-Jack, Sid and Tinkerbell) for the last few months and now we have to work out which ones we actually agree on. We have two girl’s name we both like and no boy’s names (just incase that 85% chance of it being a girl is all wrong). We want something unique (enough) but not too out-there… and all the rules from last time still apply… it really does make it tough.

A while ago, Hillary linked to the wonderful Name Voyager, which has been very useful when looking for a not-too popular name and I found the list of the 100 most popular names in North America and popular names from Australia which reveals that the two girl’s names we agree on are in the top 3 from last year!

Time to check out Unique Baby Names. How does Camera, Eccentricity or Thunder strike you? I think I need to find a site called “Just Slightly Unique Baby Names”.