Time is a-marching

I had my 36 week check-up at the doctor’s this morning and he said “36 weeks! We’re getting serious!”. Well yes, I guess we should be. But honestly I think I might still be slightly in denial. But I have been washing copious amounts of baby clothes in Lux flakes and I have been contemplating buying some slippers for hospital but even so the whole idea of another little person living here is quite surreal.

I have a friend who has two girls who told me that it was quite strange holding her second child for the first time and realising in a puzzled kind of way that no, this isn’t child number one but a completely different, unique separate little being. I can quite believe it. I am quite excited about getting to know another little body. Will she be as loud and as stubborn as her sister? As sensitive and imaginative? As funny? As snuggly? Will she prefer playdough to the sandpit?

Will she actually be a girl? We were given an 85% confirmation that it is a girl from an early ultrasound, but apparently they are quite often wrong and 15% seems like a big chance that it could be a boy! So there are lots of things to wonder about.

I hope to goodness that it is a girl because look what we lucky people received in the mail yesterday from Hillary! You can imagine how excited I was when I opened the envelope. I tried to photograph them myself today but the light is terrible and then my camera battery ran out… so this is a snap from Hillary’s site. You can see the other little package she put together for another baby here – and marvel at how beautifully she makes things. The little embroidered doll is especially exquisite. Thank you lovely Hillary.