In the press this week

Ha! Make your own here. (via problogger, who actually got me going there for a minute or two)

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    Omigod I can’t believe you found this, just when I’ve been racking my brains for how to create a newspaper snippet that actually looks authentic for my marionette in her show. Ya de ha – thanks so much for this! And yep, you just about had me there for a coupla minutes too 🙂


    hehe – nice one. As someone wh will have a baby in our house in 7 weeks I can relate 🙂
    you weren’t the only one who thought my article was real 😉


    Oh Claire I think it’s amazing how you and I are due at the same time. I really do feel your pain!! I am planning on posting a picture of the “nursery” in my blog this evening. Maybe it’ll comfort you seeing that disaster zone.
    Great little tool by the way. I’m going to save that one.


    Hey, can you teach me how to make a comment bx like yours?


    Heehee. I had fun with that too… and am also totally strung out over being due for #2 in 6 weeks. And we don’t even *have* a nursery!


    we have had heaps of fun with this newspaper stuff! Made one especially to read at the table for lunch on mothers day! Thanks Claire from Shae at Madame Butterfly

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