Oh Logie

For the first time ever I watched the Logies in their entirety last night. I came close to banging my head on the coffee table several times. SO many old people going on and on about other old people. So many very dull starlets looking very ordinary and trampy while television presenters fawned over them asking them about their gowns and jewels. It was all too much! I was watching because an old family friend of ours was nominated in a category and luckily he won (woo!) so it was not all in vain. And Adam Hills was charming.
However, I do have a terrible confession to make – when Play School was inducted into the Hall of Fame I had (big) tears in my eyes, threatening dangerously to spill down my cheeks. Yes, perhaps I am all maternal and hormonal but it was terribly emotional! On stage there were some of the cast from when I used to watch it as a kid, and all the soft animals were paraded on proudly.

The most handsome Simon and the most perfect Justine (who is a HUGE goddess here in our household amongst children and fathers alike — but perhaps for very different reasons) gave good speeches and the audience sang along to the theme song. It was awful and sentimental but I felt a strange swelling of pride and love for the ABC and their children’s programming. I just couldn’t help it.

And while I am on the topic of sleep-deprived, emotionally laden, soppy late night television watching; have a look at this! What a great episode this will be.