Monday Morning Things

I have been thinking about buying a new pram – one that I can lift this time. So this got me gaffawing – imagine getting that into the back of your car. IMAGINE! The photos of Eugenio Recuenco are some of the most bizarre, beautiful, creepy and amazing images I have seen in ages. It is worth patiently clicking through all the thumbnails. (via Liquid Blog).
Did you know I Love Katamari is available in Australia? Roll on Christmas!

Plans for baking tomorrow – unfortunately I don’t have a foot cookie cutter. Stars it will have to be. Did I mention that Amelia refuses to eat those Anzac Biscuits?

Theresa’s wonderful rubber stamps. Talk about inspiring. Does anyone know if Staedtler Mastercarve Artist Carving Blocks are available in Australia?

Things vying for attention because I have an amazon gift certificate in my hot little hands:

My So Called Life
I have never seen this but it’s been on my Amazon wishlist since the dawn of time so perhaps it’s time to take the plunge now that I prefer to watch DVDs over commercial tv.

The House of Elliot
I completely loved this series when it was on television back in the early 90s. I am not sure if it will have dated and seem to be a limp production now that we have seen so many other wonderful BBC period dramas — but doesn’t the synopsis still sound enticing?
“Evangeline and Beatrice Eliott, daughters of a prominent doctor who must support themselves after their profligate father dies and leaves them penniless. They have no education or training, just a passion for fashion design. As suitors try to woo them and scoundrels try to trip them up, they make independent, exciting lives for themselves and the women they employ in their house of haute couture”

Ed Emberley’s Fingerprint Drawing Book

We have been having so much fun with the Ed Emberley drawing books that I think that one that also includes the use of finger prints will be a big hit around here.

Babies’ Rooms: From Zero to Three (lately recommended on Apartment Therapy). I am always on the look out for fresh inspiration and I have a heap of interior design books which do just this. This one looks like I will love it to pieces.

Wonderfalls – The Complete Series. I don’t know a thing about this series except that it was recommended to me because we liked Freaks and Geeks – and the description and reviews sound great.

Artists’ Houses More inspiration – what i hope will be a total flight of fantasy. Anyone seen inside this book? There is only one review, and no excerpt photos so I am left wondering if it’s worth the risk.