Robot News

Well, all I have to say after all that after all that blah blah blah yesterday, last night Amelia was up at 1.30am and awake until three wriggling in bed next to me after a nightmare about one of the Little Robots putting her in its mouth. I tried to do the relaxation again this evening and she simply would not settle at all, until I left the room in a very unrelaxed, frustrated state after about 15 minutes.
Huh. Serves me right for being all smug.

But more excitingly, I just read on Kelly’s blog that the publishers of Make Magazine (of which Big-P is a subscriber, and a huge fan) is about to release a new magazine called CRAFT: Make Cool Stuff. And yes, they are some of Jess’ robots on the cover! Can’t wait.

Other cool robots that have come along recently (that don’t look like they will eat my daughter, but then again, who would have thought the Little Robots were that scary?) – Mimi’s beautiful robots #1 and #2, and some linked to on Drawn!: Tom Torrey’s Flickr photos, Anne P Smith’s robots, Lockwasher’s Flickr photos, and Nemo Gould’s work.