Finally, an illustration

This is me today. Big (32 weeks!), quite cheerful after dinner at a friend’s place last night followed by a good night’s sleep, loving the Autumn with the amazing colours and evocative smells – rain, earth and woodsmoke. Around my neck is my favourite bright red-orange necklace which I have just got back from the jewelers, having had it restrung to its full length after Amelia managed to break it into several smaller lengths recently. I am sure this is moments after I’ve eaten several pieces of Haigh’s Turkish Delight and the sugar rush which follows means ideas for a new project I am planning are spinning around in my brain. Have you tried to come up with a domain name recently? I haven’t had to come up with a good web site name which also happens to be available for years, and these days it’s almost impossible!

But back to this picture. I am probably standing on the front deck having just put a bunch of stuff in the recycle bin and inside Amelia is either happily occupied crudely copying pictures out of an Ed Emberley book, or she’s doing her new incredibly loud moaning, whining thing that seems to have taken hold these last few weeks. I’m smiling so it’s probably the former. Big-P has pizza in the oven (wonderful) and on the coffee table I have a new copy of Living Etc (which I have only just discovered and I love it) for flicking through later in the evening, before tearing apart to stick in my inspiration scrapbook, and on my bed side table there is a good, easy read to put me to sleep tonight.

I have been finding lots of good things to point you to lately:
Flick through Kaz Cooke’s Kid Wrangling, download Brendan Welch’s Burn, download Chris Ware’s 29-page comic series Building Stories for the New York Times Magazine’s Funny Pages kindly offered by for a short time, read Preparing Your Home for Eating Healthfully by Dr Joel Fuhrman and listen to his podcast Getting Children to Eat Well.