Sleepless in Boganville

So now the insomnia starts.
Last night I woke at 1.30am and lay awake for well over three hours.

Last time I was pregnant this started happening in the last trimester, and it was annoying then – but now that a small but very snuggly, very wriggly child insists on hopping into bed with us at 5.30am and the other in utero child is practicing hard for a life time of medal winning calisthenics at the same time, I’m getting quite cranky.

The previous night I managed to get enough sleep to be able to deal with Kinder duty yesterday in an ok kind of way. I have never chopped up so much fresh fruit so fast in my entire life. The little kids were gorgeous and extra excited that day due to the impending visit from the Easter Bunny, so I had a lovely time. Mind you, after two hours I was absolutely and completely exhausted and have a strengthened respect for early childhood workers across the globe.

In my addled state, I came home and ate a packet of Samboy Salt and Vinegar Chips, four cold sausages and a Cherry Ripe. Big-P told me that I had just eaten a “bogan lunch”, though I pointed out that I had not even considered an ice-coffee Big-M, so it wasn’t entirely bogan. Unsurprisingly I didn’t feel so terribly well after this – perhaps a Big-M would have calmed my stomach so I can see the point after all.

Shortly after this pig-out, I went and had my eyebrows “styled” so now I look very surprised to go along with looking very pregnant – quite a fitting combination really. I am now 32 weeks and am beginning to look bulbous. People ask how much longer I have only to respond to my answer with “Really! Wow!” as in “Cripes, you are going to be MASSIVE!”.

In other far more exciting news, my friend Van, who recently took part in the Hudson show with me, has a new blog. She is one of the most talented and hard working people I know so it is an absolute pleasure to be able to start following the daily thoughts and ideas associated with her work and her life. Yey Van!