Point-by-point basis

I am aware that my blogging frequency is slowing down. I lose big points for slackness. I even had one of those moments on Friday when the thought of actually stopping altogether seemed like a great idea – of course I got over that quickly enough, but I am sure if you blog, you know the feeling that one gets from time to time. Stephanie took a blog holiday and highly recommended it. While I missed her when I thought she was gone for good, and I was so happy when she reappeared, I could completely understand the need for the break. Perhaps that’s what I need, but I know that as soon as I try to stop I will miss it.
However, there are some good things going on around here that gain me big points in other areas.

Firstly, I finished my tax! That meant doing a year’s worth of filing so you can see why I am stoked to have that out of the way. 5+ admin points.

This leaves more time for dvds. Each evening we are watching Freaks and Geeks – which is just the best show I have seen in ages. I don’t think you had to have been a freak or a geek at school in the 80s to appreciate the humour, but I am sure it helps. 5 relaxation points.

Big-P, Amelia and I joined Paul and Christina at Nikki’s shop last night and took down the remaining pieces of the show. We all did really well and came home with a wad of cash that made Big-P nervous. Thank you so much to those who came along to the show and to those who purchased some of our pieces. 5 creative and 4 finance points.

Then there’s the home made chicken stock and a freezer to keep containers of thick pea soup in. Making Jamie or Delia’s chicken stock is the easiest thing in the world and it makes me feel like an instant domestic goddess. 3 goddess points.

Also, some good friends gave me a wonderful book for my birthday which I can heartily recommend – 350+ Free Activities for Preschoolers. This book is loaded with activities that even inspire me to get organised and turn off the tv. We are trying to limit tv watching to an hour a day (trying being the operative word), but this leaves huge gaps of unoccupied time and this book really is brilliant to get us going. I can’t see it on Amazon but you can get it from an Australian distributor like Dymocks or A & R. 3 motherhood-without-tv points.

And lastly school term has started again which means our precious routine resumes. As much as I would like to be a free spirited, spontaneous kind of mama, I like the gentle structure of our life. Perhaps I will feel entirely differently when Amelia starts school full-time in a couple of years and I will miss her silly, but right now a couple of days of preschool help us all get through the week cheerfully. 2 relaxation points.

Oh dear. There is no photo or illustration for this post. -5 blogging points.