Point-by-point basis

I am aware that my blogging frequency is slowing down. I lose big points for slackness. I even had one of those moments on Friday when the thought of actually stopping altogether seemed like a great idea – of course I got over that quickly enough, but I am sure if you blog, you know the feeling that one gets from time to time. Stephanie took a blog holiday and highly recommended it. While I missed her when I thought she was gone for good, and I was so happy when she reappeared, I could completely understand the need for the break. Perhaps that’s what I need, but I know that as soon as I try to stop I will miss it.
However, there are some good things going on around here that gain me big points in other areas.

Firstly, I finished my tax! That meant doing a year’s worth of filing so you can see why I am stoked to have that out of the way. 5+ admin points.

This leaves more time for dvds. Each evening we are watching Freaks and Geeks – which is just the best show I have seen in ages. I don’t think you had to have been a freak or a geek at school in the 80s to appreciate the humour, but I am sure it helps. 5 relaxation points.

Big-P, Amelia and I joined Paul and Christina at Nikki’s shop last night and took down the remaining pieces of the show. We all did really well and came home with a wad of cash that made Big-P nervous. Thank you so much to those who came along to the show and to those who purchased some of our pieces. 5 creative and 4 finance points.

Then there’s the home made chicken stock and a freezer to keep containers of thick pea soup in. Making Jamie or Delia’s chicken stock is the easiest thing in the world and it makes me feel like an instant domestic goddess. 3 goddess points.

Also, some good friends gave me a wonderful book for my birthday which I can heartily recommend – 350+ Free Activities for Preschoolers. This book is loaded with activities that even inspire me to get organised and turn off the tv. We are trying to limit tv watching to an hour a day (trying being the operative word), but this leaves huge gaps of unoccupied time and this book really is brilliant to get us going. I can’t see it on Amazon but you can get it from an Australian distributor like Dymocks or A & R. 3 motherhood-without-tv points.

And lastly school term has started again which means our precious routine resumes. As much as I would like to be a free spirited, spontaneous kind of mama, I like the gentle structure of our life. Perhaps I will feel entirely differently when Amelia starts school full-time in a couple of years and I will miss her silly, but right now a couple of days of preschool help us all get through the week cheerfully. 2 relaxation points.

Oh dear. There is no photo or illustration for this post. -5 blogging points.

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  1. madeline@epprinting.com

    Everyone takes a break and it just makes your more random posts more like a really sweet treat! 😉
    Congrats on the show and thanks for the book idea. I was JUST looking at stuff like that for my little monster and found some good stuff on Amazon.

  2. ssoule@Maine.rr.com

    I believe the rule is that at nearly-seven-months you’re entitled to move as sllooooww as you’d like. Blogging, activities, and walking included. 🙂

  3. i_annett@yahoo.com.au

    I have missed your blogs, but entirely understandable. Then you write a post which is just so gentle and reflective. +5 blog points.

  4. hillarylang@gmail.com

    that looks like a wonderful book. we could really use something like that around here!
    I like your points system. I’d add up mine for the day but I’m afraid I’d be in the negative.

  5. greetingarts@yahoo.com

    No, no, you surely get at least *25*+ points for finishing the taxes. I just did the exact same thing (a year’s worth as well – why do we wait and let it build up like this?!) and I gave myself at least that many… and some chocolate, too.

  6. ke.casey@student.qut.edu.au

    loobylu my friend just put me onto your website and i must say i have fallen in love! What a joy to see other creative and crafty mothers… and the links! Well i could spend my entire day playing here… after four years of being at home with my 2 boys i have gone to uni to study art and i am finding the youth there suprisingly young …just when you think age is a mental attitude it becomes glaringly obvious that chronology matters! So this blog has given me a sweet and enjoyable respite… reading your stories of motherhood intertwined with arts and craft has me feeling a kinship with you and your readers… thanks I will visit again

  7. lady@strathconn.com

    loved Freaks and Geeks! i was a freaky-geek in the 1990s, but I swear I dated Nick, only his name was Andy.
    I love reading your entries, but you deserve to slow down.

  8. sarahjh@three.com.au

    I know what you mean about the break! I’ve been away from blogging for well over 2 years now and am starting to want back in…

  9. mariabinns@hotmail.com

    Take a break. We love your blog but we will let you take a holiday. It is like anything in life – if it becomes a chore it loses its appeal. Just think taking a blogging holiday will give you about 50 points for relaxation.Mia

  10. rebecca@bestlife.com.au

    The 350+ ideas for preschoolers WOW i honestly just picked that book up yesterday at a bookshop and contemplated buying it…NOW i will!Love the way you write…other blogs i sometimes kind of skim read but Loobylu i always read word for word

  11. elmooso@iprimus.com.au

    I love your points idea, arbitrary pats on the back – I love it. Mine would probably look more like, got out of bed 1 point, made coffee 1 pt, made kids breakfast 3pts, ignoring phone bill -5 points.. Its looking like a break even!

  12. blairpeter@comcast.net

    Take a break, by all means. Just don’t stop altogether, we’d miss you too much. Steph has already sent me into an emotional tailspin once this year : )

  13. zoe_jacobson@hotmail.com

    I understand aobut blogging breaks!! It is okay, after all, you have some really good excuses!I am excited about that book. I am going to have to see if I can find it somewhere . . . if not, I will just get it from your side of the world!

    I hope that you are getting relaxation in before you new person comes. 🙂

  14. amymlehr@yahoo.com

    I really understand about the need to take a break from blogging. I’ve been doing that myself, for about a month or more, also with the occasional consideration of giving it up.It’s good and necessary to take breaks..but with such nourishing, inspiring and entertaining posts like yours, I have to say I hope you stay!

  15. revans95@yahoo.com

    I own the F&G DVD collection and I heartily agree that it rocks so hard. I’m glad you’re starting your kids out early. Even fetuses in utero can appreciate the charm of this show.
    Take it easy. Watch the episode when Ken dates the hermaphrodite. That’s a great one.

  16. PrettyLikeSun@yahoo.com

    Well, I’ll give you +20 blog points just because I always love to read your blog. If you take a break, I will miss you indeed.
    But I know what you mean about sometimes wanting to just stop doing it. There are a lot of days where I just don’t feel like I have anything at all to add to blogland, but I’m always afraid that if I stop, the few readers I have will go away forever!

  17. africankelli@gmail.com

    +5 points for being pregnant, having another child at your feet and still finding time to blog at all! We’re patient. We’ll be here when you’ve got the time to check in.

  18. jro@swiftdsl.com.au

    Sounds a bit like ‘Pregnant Bridget Jones’ Diary’ – very cute! Even infrequent blogs from you are better than nothing…

  19. katefmason@yahoo.com

    I have only just recently discovered your delightful site, and am always blown away when I visit. Not only are you extremely artistically talented, but seem to be a great Mum, an articulate writer, and general good-all-round person! Keep writing, but only when you can – we’re all cheering you on when you go near the keypad!

  20. roo.san@gmail.com

    hello. i’ve arrived from a link. i really enjoyed reading your blog. the book looks wonderful. i must run to dymocks…

  21. islandtime@telus.net

    The preschooler book sounds essential for my home – I look forward to checking it out.No matter how infrequently or how often you post, your blog will always be a daily for me! There is so much good stuff here!

    And little breaks now-and-again from the computer are good for the soul I think.


  22. such_n_such@hotmail.com

    I love your site and will miss it if you take a break but everyone needs a holiday. I also love Freaks and Geeks!!! Where can you buy it from in Australia?

  23. ajsmitham@hotmail.com

    OMG!!!! please don’t stop blogging. My life would never be the same again.

  24. kristen@moodswingstudio.com

    Claire, you get an infinite number of points for making the effort (and using what pregnancy-fried mental powers you have left) to even bother creating a point system much less make a post. And I’m okay with your taking a break…that means less time on this #E%$ computer for me. =) take care…you haven’t much time left. bwa ha hahaaa.

  25. kelly@silverorange.com

    Hey Claire, just a quick note to let you know I’m thinking of you and want to lend a bit of long distance encouragement(Atlantic Canada). My B/G Twins are 6 months old this month and it seems like a blink that I was 8 months pregnant — tired and attempting to parent a 3 year old while on bedrest. You will be amazed at how much easier it is the second time — everything from letting them fuss a bit before falling asleep, to the breastfeeding (yes, we did double duty for 4 months) The grace and maturity your daughter will show, will astound you. All the best for a safe final few weeks of this pregnancy.

  26. xallxsewnxupx@gmail.com

    hi, i just fell into your blog, and it’s wonderful- i have to admit, after i read your “about” page and found out you’re australian i#1. liked your blog even more, and
    #2. started reading it in my brain with an australian accent.
    keep blogging (but don’t feel guilty about breaks!)
    i’ll be visiting often!

  27. jenny@jennybharris.com

    You should add at least 500 blog points because you have hands down the cutest blog header in the universe. I smile every time I see that merry little band of softies marching along behind you. You’re the best. :o)

  28. lorraine.mulholland@bigpond.com

    Like everyone else said – if you need a break – take it. Good lord woman you’re very pregnant!!!
    And with all those bonus points you can afford the break (plus we all come back anyway).

    Enjoy the little bit of free time you get – because as you may recall, once the baby arrives, there’ll be none of that!!

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