Tomorrow is my birthday! So today I am going to bake myself a birthday cake. Of course, it would be nice if someone else did it for me, but I know my Mum is baking (or buying one, I honestly don’t mind which Mum!) one for the big family lunch on Sunday, and Big-P has one day off a week at the moment and I personally think it’s much more important that he spends that day (today) shopping for my present. And you know I like baking. So now, which one to choose? Any suggestions? I will probably try something out from Nigella’s How to be Domestic Goddess, because I have become a little stuck in the bread chapter in that one and it would be nice to move on. I am tempted to try a multi-layered sponge because I bought the tins and they are sitting there looking intimidating and collecting dust. Maybe I will construct some kind of birthday thing made out of marshmallows from The River Cottage Family Cookbook because Jane’s always make me think I should. Mmmm.