Tomorrow is my birthday! So today I am going to bake myself a birthday cake. Of course, it would be nice if someone else did it for me, but I know my Mum is baking (or buying one, I honestly don’t mind which Mum!) one for the big family lunch on Sunday, and Big-P has one day off a week at the moment and I personally think it’s much more important that he spends that day (today) shopping for my present. And you know I like baking. So now, which one to choose? Any suggestions? I will probably try something out from Nigella’s How to be Domestic Goddess, because I have become a little stuck in the bread chapter in that one and it would be nice to move on. I am tempted to try a multi-layered sponge because I bought the tins and they are sitting there looking intimidating and collecting dust. Maybe I will construct some kind of birthday thing made out of marshmallows from The River Cottage Family Cookbook because Jane’s always make me think I should. Mmmm.

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    Happy Birthday for tomorrow, I hope that it is filled with all your favourite things (and people). I am a bit caught up at the moment on a hummingbird cake – very very easy and fruity and delicious with great cream cheese icing. And I do have a great fool proof sponge cake recipe that gets made around here about once a week, just because. It must have passionfruit icing and be filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. I tried three or four recipes for a sponge before this one and now there is no turning back. Good luck and have fun.


    Happy Birthday from a lurker and an admirer of your artwork! As for the cake, definitely something chocolatey and rich and totally indulgent. It’s your birthday, and you are preggers, so it is time to endulge! By the way, I love love love the illustration you did of the mermaid and would buy a print/card of it in a heartbeat!


    Happy Birthday Claire! May your day be filled with smiles and joy and of course, many extra plates of cake. Enjoy!


    Happy Day before your Birthday!
    Happy First Day of Spring!

    Happy Making-your-own-birthday-cake! I did that last year, and made an icebox cake with those big chocolate wafers and loads of homemade whipped cream. Got to lick the bowl AND the beaters myself; that’s the upside to DIY!


    Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Hope you have a fabulous day!Personally, I LOVE a nice rich chocolate mud cake served with strawberries and thick thick cream – perhaps a heavenly chocolately cake with strawberries baked into it or served with a strawberry sauce of some description? Mmmm… can I come?

    On a slighty different note – I will be trying those hot cross buns of yours/delias this weekend – can’t wait!


    Happy Birthday Claire!!! I hope you have a great one and that Big-P gets you something wonderful.


    Happy Birthday!At least in making your own cake, you get to choose exactly what you would like best. One thing though – I made a Nigella chocolate cake for a friend a few months ago, and it required very classy 70% cocoa chocolate. The cake worked out fine, but didn’t have any fudgy chocolatey action – it tasted like 70% cocoa chocolate – sort of bitter. Don’t know if it was me, or the recipe! And I only eat dark chocolate!


    Am I revealing too much if I tell you my favorite new cake came from Martha Stewart? It is sooooo good. My mom is a really good cook (especially desserts!), and my wife made it for my mom (daring!), and then my mom made it for her friends! That’s how good it is.
    Anyway: Chocolate-Ginger Cake With Bourbon Sauce


    Happy birthday! May it be filled with sweet confectionary goodness πŸ™‚


    IMHO, *any* cake recipe from Nigella can be made without fear! I recently made her morello chery chocolate cupcakes from “Goddess” and substituted strawberry preserves (and rice flour, since I am coeliac) – another winner!


    I finally saw your super cute dolls and paintings at hudson today – they are edible. As suspected, I knew I wasn’t financially ready to own one. But I will one day. Please make more, always.


    Happy birthday from a delighted stumbler. My world is a better place now that is has your blog in it!


    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your cake, of course we will want to see pictures! I might have to buy Nigella’s book it looks like it has loads of yummies!


    Oooooh, cake! When I was pregnant last summer, I had serious cake cravings, I had a never-ending supply coming out of the oven. My recommendations would be carrot cake with cream cheese and lemon icing, a lemon yoghurt drizzle cake with poppy seeds, or Nigella’s black treacle chocolate cake – it’s a grown up’s cake in every sense of the word, and utterly divine!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


    The Burned Butter Brown Sugar Cupcakes are divine.


    Happy birthday from another lurker. I can heartily recommend the chocolate and honey bumble bee cake from Nigella’s Feast book. I made it as a birthday cake for someone last year and it tasted divine. the little marzipan bees look very cute too.


    Happy Birthday to you! I hope it’s lovely and that you have warm weather for it. (I also wish you better cake-making luck than you’ve had with your bread lately).


    Happy Birthday from across the sea! Indulge heavily on your end, hope the cake turns out superb! I will think of you when I bite into my very expensive red velvet Sprinkles cupcake today!Wishing you a wonderful year–but you forgot to tell us your age, my dear.


    One more Happy Birthday! If we lived closer, I’d drop a cake off at your door… least I could do for all the reading pleasure you’ve given me. Alas, it mightn’t be too fresh by the time it arrived from Canada.


    Happy Birthday! Cute cake. The best cake I have ever made was a simple Golden Layer Cake from my Grammy’s Betty Crocker cook book. I love this book! There’s actually a picture on the inside cover of a lady in a dress and pearls carrying a cake (or something) and walking under a rainbow. Classic!


    a very happy birthday to you, claire!


    Happy Birthday to us. Mine too. 34 Same as you I think. We are Birthday twins!


    happy birthday Claire from a first-time-to-come-out lurker. I heard about your blog on ABC radio one day and it has introduced me to the adictive world of craft blogs. thanks so much.


    happy birthday!it is my birthday today as well πŸ™‚


    Hope that you had a lovely day. My birthday was yesterday so I’m currently basking in the afterglow.
    Can’t wait to hear about it. πŸ™‚


    Happy Birthday! What kind of cake did you bake for yourself?
    I have to bake a cake for myself as well on my birthday if I want one. What I end up doing is making a cake that I love but typically no one else really likes! :0)


    Happy Birthday! Mine is on saturday, and I think I will be making myself the Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate cake (recipe on the back of the cocoa container) topped with the homemade frosting also listed there. It’s the richest, yummiest chocolate cake! Then again, I don’t know that you have access to Hershey’s cocoa (and it may be considered inferior where you are?). Have a fantastic birthday, whatever cake you bake and enjoy!


    Yay for birthdays! And yay that I’m not the only one who has to make her own birthday cake…tee hee. Hope it was a lovely day, Miss Claire and that you were spoiled rotten!


    happy birthday claire!!! for 2 days ago. hope you had a good one, had nice surprises and lots of love from the ones who mean the most to you! have a great party on sunday!x dani


    Hi Claire,
    Happy belated birthday!Hope all is well with you…we haven’t heard from you since the cyclone hit AU (tho’ not near you, I don’t think)…let us know that you are all safe!

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