2006 Bloggies

My exciting news for the week is that Loobylu won a Bloggie for Best Australian or New Zealand Blog!
Thank you to those who voted for me, I am very grateful for your votes and your support. Be sure to check out the other Antipodean blogs in this category: Karen Cheng, Ben Cruachan Blog, Trivial Pursuit and Information Aesthetics. We are a diverse bunch this year.

I must admit, I have been suffering a little from stage-fright with the extra traffic and haven’t been able to think of anything remotely worthy to blog about. I am looking forward to getting back to our regular broadcast.

Also, there hasn’t been a whole lot of time for blogging due to the school holidays. All regular, scheduled activities have ceased (pre-school, swimming lessons etc) so that we all have the opportunity to attend the Commonwealth Games (yep). As a result, there is a frenzied amount of catching up to be done with little friends who attend different preschools on different days, and chores that need doing before term two begins. We have been buzzing around filling in the hours with visits and fun activities.

While at home I have been doing heaps of good cooking which I guess is the nesting instinct kicking in. We went out and bought a freezer today so I can freeze some of this nesting food in the upcoming months ready for project lockdown (baby number two) so that we can mostly eat home cooked rather than the take-aways I am imagining would be the obvious alternative. While I cook, Amelia indulges in craft at the kitchen table. She has discovered the joy of sticky-tape and suddenly she is constructing odd shapes out of paper and card and even stranger collages using anything she can snip out, but she is fully entertained. Some of the things are quite lovely and get whipped away before she can fully finish them as “finishing them” usually involves lots of snipping and huge amounts of thick felt tip pen scribbled across the artwork until holes are worn in the page.

This one looks a little inspired by Ana:

We have just finished watching The Proposition on dvd, and if you have seen it you may understand that I have been left in a strange kind of mood. Listless. Plus I realise I have just written one of those unforgivable updates about not updating. I think I might crawl into bed.