Slower Sunday

As predicted yesterday, it’s 8pm and I have done close to nothing all day. Amelia and I did get up early and go down to the Flea Market for a very slow paced browse before meeting Kylie (and her amazing cake! Thank you Kylie!) for morning coffee at 9am. But apart from that I have slept, eaten m & ms, let Amelia watch as much television and play on the disney playhouse website as much as she likes while I loll about reading books. The kitchen is still in a festering mess of yesterdays dishes and the smell of pesto which seems to have permeated everything is making me feel a bit ill. It would be good to find some balance!
The Cockburn book continues to be inspiring but it’s becoming somewhat alarming. More and more facts about modern living are giving me the extreme panics. It’s hard not to feel violent, reactionary urges when you read about how incredibly well we are destroying our planet and in the meantime ourselves. Anyway, I have plans for our house – long and short term. It should be exciting. Yet another project!

First thing is to investigate natural paints for the baby’s room. Actually, what am I talking about? First thing is to clean out the baby’s room.

Tonight Big-P and I are going to start watching the Ewan McGregor series “Long Way Round” which will mean tomorrow I will probably be back updating this blog with plans for a motorbike trip around the world. Yeeha!