Oh my aching back

I honestly cannot believe how much I managed to get done today. Most days I barely move, but today I:
– washed and hung out two loads of clothes.

– collected together and hauled hard rubbish out on to the nature strip for pick up next week.

– motivated Big-P into hauling the old dryer (which finally gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago – thank goodness. It really was a beast of a thing.) out on the nature strip ready for pick up.

– played cupcake shops with Amelia using coloured buttons as cupcakes.

– made bread which didn’t rise. I have no idea what happened but it is possible that in my current vague state I actually forgot to include the yeast.

– walked down to the shop to buy a loaf of bread because the bread didn’t rise. It was an incredibly pleasant morning and as I wandered along I could admire other people’s piles of hard rubbish. Nothing good to salvage.

– came home and pruned a bush and pulled out huge amounts of nasturtiums from the garden which I planted in spring which are now threatening to take over and choke the rest of the garden.

– made guacamole for lunch.

– started to cut out squares for baby quilt.

– (quite tired by this stage) slept heavily for an hour while Big-P took Amelia to the playground.

– picked basil from the garden, made pesto (Delia’s recipe, see the pesto part of this recipe here) and put it over pasta for dinner and then froze the rest for two more dinners.

– made bread which did rise but didn’t cook completely in the middle. It’s still good.

– read vast amounts of bedtime stories, all by the very entertaining Canadian author Robert N Munsch.

– watched Project Runway Season 2 Finale (yawn), read some more of “Living the Goodlife” and updated this here blog.

Sadly I didn’t get everything done. There are still dishes to be washed, emails to be answered, phone calls to be made etc. but all of that will have to wait. It also looks like a huge tidal wave of toys and other miscellaneous rubbish came in and washed through our house, but while Big-P is working incredibly hard and I am still just as pregnant as ever (and getting more so every day! Fancy that!) things like a tidy house never seemed less important.

I am now totally and absolutely exhausted. I can barely walk. When I got down on Amelia’s floor to put away all the books she had gone through to choose the Robert Munsch ones, I couldn’t get up again. I contemplated sliding on my bum across the floorboards to clamber up using her bed head but even that was too much effort so I feebly called to Big-P for assistance. Tomorrow will, no doubt, be a far quieter one.