Project Baby’s Room – Week Two: Quilt Fabric

I have just been down to Patchwork on Central Park and have bought some fabrics so that I can start work on a cot quilt for the baby’s room. We found out that we are having a girl, but the ultrasound technician hedged her bets a little and said that she was 85% sure, so to make sure I keep all my receipts for anything girly we buy because we might still get a little boy. This morning, for some bizarre reason, I forgot that there is a 15% chance that we might get a boy and while I vaguely looked around for nice gender neutral oranges with gender neutral prints, I found I came away with a whole bunch of pink florals. I just couldn’t find oranges I really liked and I kept thinking of that beautiful photograph from my inspiration pages of the little pink and orange shoes.

Anyway, regardless of the boy-girl situation… I love this selection (most from PoCP, some from my cupboard) – circus motifs, some prints I got from Japan, a nice Kaffe Fassett plain buttery yellow and a couple of reproduction cuties. I am going to do a very basic 85cm x 120cm quilt made up of 10cm x 10cm squares with a border – nothing too daunting for my first quilt otherwise I am sure to never get it finished in three months.