Project Baby’s Room – Week One: Inspiration

Here is the third bedroom in our house which has slowly become the Junk-Hub Room. Actually, hub isn’t the right word, because things go in and rarely come out. But all this is about to change and there is much to be done. As you can see we have successfully completed phase one of the room overhaul and that was to a) polish the floorboards and b) paint the ceiling (here’s a before shot). We actually did that last Easter and it has sat like this ever since, slowly accumulating more and more homeless stuff. So now it’s time for a big clean out, put in some skirting boards, replace part of the window frame, hang a new (recycled) door and paint the whole lot. Plus there is all the furnishing and decorating stuff to be decided on and done. Quilts? Curtains? Shelves? etc.

I love choosing paint colours. I love collecting the swatches and then painting big squares of cardboard from test tins to hang on the walls to see how the colour looks in a specific light. I love the satisfaction of finishing a room and feeling the colour is just perfect.

Amelia’s room is painted in a beautiful green and a clear white. Eventually she will have a pinkish quilt and in Summer she has bright pink fuchsias in flower outside her window. So she has a distinctly green, white and pink room. I was pondering the idea of an obvious contrast to pink and green and came to the conclusion that orange walls or blue walls and orange accents would work as a basic colour theme. So while we have to be a bit careful because the room is quite small I am pretty excited! Do we go for the crazy orange walls or a more conservative blue?

Mmm, lovely orange:

From Martha Stewart Kids, Summer 2005:

And from the book Children’s Spaces by Judith Wilson is this fun, orange space:

But the serene blues are hard to beat…

From Martha Stewart Kids, Summer 2005 again:

And from MS Baby, Fall 2002:

And MS Kids, Spring 2004:

Ah! Pink, green and orange on grey blue… I think I have died and gone to heaven.