Team Sockmonkey

I am so pleased that the show is up, finished and now left to look after itself (more-or-less, thanks to Nikki, the kind proprietor at Hudson). I am so pleased to be able to wake up and curl my toes and think “today is a day when I can do what I need to do without feeling like I should be doing something else”. I have a few loose ends to tidy up and a couple of client projects to finish but mostly I am free (for three months until small child number two demands attention 24-7) and suddenly my head is busting with ideas and projects and things that need organising.

A while ago, Carrie was so very kind and sent me a pair of the traditional sock-monkey socks – the ones with the red toes, and they have been sitting there waiting to be transformed. Last week I thought I might finally start turning them into a monkey. I had vague notions of getting it done in time for inclusion in the show, but as you can see here she/he is still nude and needs more work. My mum knitted her/his amazing little red hat and it immediately makes me think that she/he should join Team Zissou and go out and make an underwater doco. Perhaps that should be the inspiration for the rest of his/her outfit… except it will no doubt have to include pom-pom braid.

But today it’s all about buying new pre-schooler shoes ready for the cool weather (before AJ’s slightly bizarre shoe size sells out completely) and new pants which are actually long enough to cover her ever-lengthening legs.

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    Congratulations on your “free” time!! I love your sock monkey. I made one for my Myles and it is his favorite bedtime buddy. But alas, I never even thought of giving him clothes. Hummm, that is why I take inspiration from you!! 🙂


    “It’s a girl” with lips that red. Good luck shoe shopping, my 8 year old son came home with the standard black school shoe and the Andrew Gaze runners, cost me a fortune! (I say with a huge smile)


    If you go with the team Zissou idea its a nice easy costume, just speedos!


    I love her!
    Typically sock monkeys give me the creeps, but she is an absolute cutie, and still has very much of a LoobyLu look about her. (The eyelashes and the pink ear details absolutely complement her.)

    Fluffy thinks she’s a cutie, too!

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