home stretch

My work progress has been severely slowed since mid last week – Amelia came down with a nasty virus which developed into Croup by Thursday night. We didn’t take her to hospital as each time she woke up and had one of those horrible barking, gasping, crowing fits accompanied by her understandable hysterical panic, we managed to calm her down enough and get her back to sleep. There is nothing worse (well, I am sure there is, but nothing worse in this last week) than lying awake listening to your fitfully sleeping child breathe raggedly through swollen airways. Anyway, she’s still miserable but doing much better and currently having a rare mid afternoon sleep. We have her on some medication which apparently tastes revolting and had her gagging and shouting “UGH! Mum! It smells like babies!” yesterday. I am not sure she knows yet what a baby smells like exactly, but I guess it must have been pretty bad.
And today I have managed to get down to it again, and am waiting on a couple of under coats on canvases to dry so I can move onto the next layers.

I am feeling a bit bad about this upcoming show. I wanted to have so much more done than I will have, but work and life and being pregnant and tired seemed to play more of a part in the last couple of months than I figured it would. Ain’t it always the way? I am just glad that it’s a group show because I am excited to see what Christina and Van come up with. From what they have told me over the phone we will all complement each other so well, and be so vastly different. Mind you, at the same time as I am complaining about running out of time, Christina has put her back out, and Van has been overseas promoting her film at Sundance (and getting sick while sleeping on the floor of a condo with 15 other people) so we make a good threesome!