Good things in Melbourne this week

Following on from Yarnstorm’s lead, I thought I might do my own version. Here’s are some of the good things from my week:
Seeing that Amelia enjoys Pre-school and has even made her first friend although she has trouble recognising her from session to session because of the change of clothes. “Is that really her? Yes, I guess it is, her hair cut is the same”.

Finishing some more paintings for the Hudson show:

Fish n chips on St Kilda foreshore

Lunch with Ben and Suze and the kids followed by a walk up to the nearby park to eat ice-cream and listen to live music with huge amounts of people huddled in the shady spots.

Having early Sunday morning coffee at the Camberwell Flea Market with my good crafting buddies Cass, Kylie and Ms Honey and remembering how incredibly good it is to get together with them, and how inspired I am when I come away.

Discovering the joys of Prahran Market with not one but three organic fruit and veg stalls and an organic butcher.

Rain! Lots of it.

Taking a trip to buy doors from a second-hand, building demolition place and finding hundreds and hundreds of old doors to sort through… only to just happen upon an wonderful old door with two glass panels in it, one etched like this:

Reading Howard’s End and finding it far more interesting than I would have previously imagined. The characters are complex and the situations compelling.

Planning a weekend away in the “big smoke” with Big-P, our last hurrah before child number two graces us with her presence.