Head in the Cloudes

Today was a golden day.
The last few weeks have been some tough ones for me. My energy levels have been flat and Amelia has been practicing a fair amount of… let’s just call it “self expression” and it’s been wearing me down. After a little internet self-diagnosis I decided that I might in fact have low iron levels, so after consulting my obstetrician on Wednesday, I started taking iron pills and have also made sure we’ve been eating enough red meat. Today I feel so, so much better. Thank you internet!

After Amelia’s swimming lesson, we went with my Mum and a family friend up into the hills for a picnic and spent some time wandering around Cloudehill and while it was overcast and cool, it completely lifted our spirits. Amelia hunted for fairies and then fell in love with a very cute Border Terrier, Mum did a silly dance for us in the amphitheatre, our Family friend enjoyed conversation with a stranger and Spanish guitar music coming out of a radio in the sculpture garden and I somehow managed to accidentally slide off a path and down a hill on my butt. And for some reason Amelia was a dream all day. And after we got home this afternoon, she spent some time drawing, followed by some brilliantly creative lego play, then she helped me make some muffins from go to woe with great patience and interest and then she played quietly with her dolls, chatting away to them in cheerful tones. She didn’t grizzle, sulk, destroy anything or mention the words “computer games” or “TV” or “I want!” at all… at all. I could hardly believe it. I had to keep going in to Big-P and saying “come out and look at this!”.

But tomorrow is Amelia’s first day of Pre-school. As I layed out her clothes on the bed this morning ready to be labled with her name-tags I found myself getting quite choked up. Her clothes were so soft and small and hardly enough to protect her from life, the universe and everything. She is so excited about her first day, and about what she might do, and who she might be friends with (“maybe a boy, maybe a girl – we’ll see!”) and I am so pleased that she is obviously so ready to be undertaking this new part of her life. But she’s so soft and small! I can hardly stand it.