Heat, fabric and wallpaper

Amelia spent the day with my Mum today so I met Dr. M to celebrate her birthday – lunch, movie and (mostly window) shopping in Prahran. I haven’t done this kind of thing for the longest time and if it wasn’t for the heat I would have been quite hysterical with the promise of such grown-up activities. We saw Mrs Henderson Presents at the Como Cinema which was a pleasant enough way to spend 99 minutes (and happened to be the only thing showing at the right time). We laughed more than most of the middle of the day audience of white haired ladies and I thought Judi Dench was totally brilliant as compared to how she was in Pride & Prejudice which I have seen recently enough to make a comparison.
But the highlight for me was going to the loo – which I had to do twice, being ‘with child’. There was Florence Broadhurst wallpaper in the toilet cubicles! The first time I have seen the paper apart from in magazines, and it was as lovely as I imagined. Gillian Armstrong’s documentary “Unfolding Florence: The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst” is showing at Sundance – I would love to see it when it makes an appearance back here.

After Dr M left to play a birthday game of petanque (yes indeed) I managed to stagger in to the fabric remnant store behind Chapel Street which faces the car park on Cato Street. They are having a 50% off sale, off everything. Christina had mentioned this sale to me, but it was far better than I could have hoped and I came out with two huge bags of stuff for just over $40. I found some great rough cotton in many colours for $4 a metre.

It will be perfect for funny little softies. The thing I can’t believe is that they had a lovely bright pink and I failed to buy any. I put it down to the heat. I couldn’t think straight with all that cheap fabric in 30°c+ heat. Here’s a map for all those in Melbourne, because if you are in the area you might like to take a peek. They may close any day though, and stuff seems to be getting thin on the ground: