I just can’t think of a title and I want to go to bed

I have been watching Project Runway – and I want to know, is an overlocker all that and more? Should I be saving my pennies if I want to start making clothes? How hard are they to use with no previous experience? How on earth do the work and are they impossible to tinker with if they go wrong?
As you can see, my brain is going gah-gah. The heat has been too much. I guess way back when, my family came from the Shetland Islands where it doesn’t get to 43°c (109.4°f) on a seemingly regular basis if, in fact, ever at all. I just know I would have been far more comfortable traipsing around the Scottish Moors, just like this wee lass. I am just not meant to be in this hemisphere. Perhaps I am just not meant to be pregnant and grumpy in this hemisphere. We have a couple of days respite before it heats up to the 40s again so perhaps I will manage to get some things done – cakes made (finally bought some marzipan ready for the Nigella almond cake), rabbits stitched (my other grandma’s old machine is back from being serviced and ready to be taken for its first spin in years) and paintings painted (I can’t tell you how much I am loving a bit of paint on canvas action).

In other exciting news – Loobylu has been nominated in two categories in the 2006 Bloggies. I have been nominated for Best Australian or New Zealand Blog, and best Craft Blog (yikes! Best of luck peeps 1, 2 and 3 – we’re up against Make – is there any chance at all?)… thank you to those who nominated me in both categories. Also, the wonderful Drawn! has been nominated for best New Weblog. Congrats to John and the rest of the team (who always contribute far more diligently and creatively than I have managed lately). Blog awards are something that I have such strange feelings about, but I am grateful to be up this year.