sticky heat, sickly sweet

Kitchen table, 4pm.

For some bizarre reason, it seems like I am at my most inspired during or just before a thunderstorm in Summer. Why is that? Is it the strange light? The electricity in the air or the low-pressure setting in? Anyway, I got some good painting done this afternoon. I actually enjoyed the acrylic paint for perhaps the first time in my life. It still dries to fast for my liking, and maybe I will try some drying retardant stuff I saw in the art shop today, but it didn’t drive me crazy like I remember it doing. Here you can see the start of my first canvas. It came out far, far better than I expected, as I think I was actually expecting the worst. It’s not earth shattering and stinks of cute (as usual!), but it will do.

I am off to listen to the “sickly sweet and twee” Belle and Sebastian mix tape on the triple j website while I cut out some marshmallow rabbits. Seems quite appropriate really.
** update, 20 minutes later — gah! that much B & S is too much even for me! **