A pile of canvases

This is not going to be a food blog. I am going to think about something else in the next few days besides my stomach – but until then these are my two favourite food blogs:
Chocolate and Zucchini & 101 Cookbooks

And tonight (as soon as I turn off the computer) I begin work on the things for the show. This is not quite leaving the work to the last minute… not quite… as we hang the stuff over the weekend of the 25th of February. But oh-boy do I have a lot to do. I know Van and Christina have been working hard, so I am feeling very neglectful. (By the way – Christina has some beautiful postcard sets for sale. Lovely stuff).

I think my softie contribution to the show is going to be populated mostly by the marshmallow rabbits I seem to do all the time now – unless I get hit by a thunderbolt of inspiration (and time and some amazing gift of a new machine as mine is about to give up the ghost) between now and then. As Big-P pointed out when I was worrying about it being a little boring – the acrylics on canvas will be my new thing. Yes, I had better get on to that too.

12 Responses to “A pile of canvases”

  1. janebrocket@aol.com

    I’ve been looking at food blogs, too – and enjoying the Nigella discussion here. Have you seen oswegotea.com and travelerslunchbox.com and nordljus.co.uk? All excellent.

  2. elizabeth.leger@excite.com

    You can do it! You’re work is beautiful.

  3. kerrie@magknits.com

    Those rabbits are just the cutest ones ever, I love them! I pulled out my acrylics and canvas for the first time in ages last night, time to get inspired again..

  4. reebert@123mail.org

    Your things, no matter how many times they’ve been seen, are never ever boring! So don’t worry one little bit about that, save your worries for other things. hehe

  5. vagare@gmail.com

    Oh – I’m very excited about your art being back at hudsons. I can’t wait – I managed to get my hands on one of your Softie Pears last time – hopefully this time I’ll be able to invest in something larger. Looking forward to seeing your canvas’s. I hope I get there before they’re all bought. :o) Good Luck!

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