New Year’s Project List

Today was a day spent working while Kim entertained Amelia. They visited kittens in a pet shop at the nearest shopping centre, and then baked sticky sweet cakes and whizzed up revolting milkshakes using a dubious recipe before collapsing in a post-sugar slump in front of a movie about a racing zebra. As a result, I think I am almost finished my last big illustration project so now my head is free to contemplate other projects for the year; paintings (ideas above), quilts, toys and so on.

There are housey, nesting things that are also now becoming increasingly pressing. Most importantly is the raw, junk-filled third bedroom which needs to be transformed into a bright little baby’s room before the end of May (ah! so soon!). This will include putting in proper skirting boards, a door, wall painting, curtains etc. It’s quite exciting to be able to start it from scratch and I have images of Caroline Zoob interiors and furnishings dancing in my head, but the reality is far less fun and far less glamourous, I know.

There are also other, less dire things I want to do now that I seem to have entered the inevitable nesting phase. These include painting some of the kitchen a delicious and exciting red (a small enough area to paint over if it looks a bit much or like something out of the Shining):

And curtains in our bedroom, and we need to finally get our paintings and prints hung up on the walls. I want to also make some cushions for our bed and for the couch, then there’s Amelia’s quilt and now a cot quilt for number 2. And I also want to make something to hang on number 2’s wall, as Amelia has a framed cross-stitch I finished weeks before she was born… so much to do! Right now I am going to go and watch an episode of Return to River Cottage which I got on dvd for Christmas for a little bit of living-in- the-pretty-English-countryside- growing-vegies and keeping-fluffy-sheep pure escapism.

For now, I have added some of these things to my 43 Things list.