More art, less stress

Happy New Year! Let’s hope the really hot days are numbered (I wilt in 33°c, let alone 43°c) and that the good creative urges continue.

I am a big fan of starting a-fresh, so I have a whole bunch of resolutions mapped out for 2006. Most of them are about questioning, exploring and happiness… lots of art n craft, lots of cooking n baking, lots of love and lots of dreams.

The little guy in the photo is my first doll for a show I am having in March. I will be back at the ever-fabulous Hudson Clothes in Carlisle Street, Balaclava, but this time with my two good buddies Van and Christina. Although I am already feeling the pressure to get some work done (started even) I am also mightily excited. Apart from an array of toys, I will be trying something new this year. I am stepping away from digital art, and trying out some real canvases with real paint. Gulp!