Christmas overload

There’s cookie dough chilling in the fridge, presents are all wrapped, paper snowflakes are bobbing in the air-con breeze, advent activities are all but finished and I am ready to crawl in to bed – never mind that it’s only 4pm. I am exhausted and, frankly, over it.
Amelia and I both had a momentary cease-fire and a lapse in bad moods where we seized the opportunity to sit down and do some Christmas craft. I am pleased to say that this has been our most successful joint crafting session to date. Amelia’s attention span and my tolerance span seemed completely in-sync and a fabulous sticky, sparkly mess was made. We created little wooden peg angel dolls. I was wildly inspired a week or so back when I saw Kath’s post on peg dolls and her link to Monkton where there are the most beautiful, simple little dolls. Here are my two favourites from today. Amelia’s on the left, mine on the right:

And you can find a snaps of all of them on flickr. In the catwalk photo, you will see mine in the top row and Amelia’s underneath. You can see that Amelia has great flare – a truly original, couture approach to dressing her dolls where as mine are a little neater and far less inspired. You can see she is exploring the themes of facial hair and big bows for belts in her collection. I love every single one of her little beauties and don’t know how we will part with them as they are intended as gifts for family members.