Guest Photographer

These are two photos by Amelia. This is the first time she has played with our camera and watching her stumpy, sticky little fingers grapple with the easily-smashed-to-smithereens gadget nearly sent me berserk but she produced a few classics. I am not going to publish some of the delights she took of me and my expanding belly, but here are a couple of the more successful “thank you” photos. The first is a gift she received from Melissa who sent her a cow girl ornament to go with her cow girl from Christina. I bought one of Melissa’s delicate princess ornaments so both are now happily bobbing around amongst our other treasures. The other is a shot of her foot in the foreground and one of Lyn’s beautiful sleepy rabbits in the background. She arrived in the mail today and is instantly loved by the whole household. Amelia is totally convinced she is a cat and so her name is Janey the Cat. Thank you my dear blogging friends!