Bah – Humbug

Our tree is looking trim! Thank you Theresa (above), Hillary and Christina for contributing ornaments to our plastic tannenbaum.

I am working working working up until Christmas, but I have discovered the wonderful world of podcasts which make the days fly by. Today I downloaded the first installment of ‘A Christmas Carol‘ read by Geoffrey Palmer from the Penguin podcast page. It’s great! I have also been enjoying Crafty Chica Podcast and the Ricky Gervais Show (which comes with an ‘Explicit’ warning) — and there’s still one Sunday Night Safran available on Triple J’s podcast page. Have you any other favourites I should be listening to?

See more of our beautiful ornaments beyond…

Theresa’s cool Day of the Dead ornament sparkles in the morning sunlight. I went and bought some of that sparkly white glitter yesterday. It looks particularly good on Theresa’s snowman.

A wee ornament from Hillary with a cute crooked smile.

These little amazing things were the gift tags on our parcels from Christina. Did you see what she made for Amelia? Such a lucky girl.

And this is my favourite. Amelia’s 2005 handmade ornament. I see a great scrapbooking future ahead of her (ahem).