Bah – Humbug

Our tree is looking trim! Thank you Theresa (above), Hillary and Christina for contributing ornaments to our plastic tannenbaum.

I am working working working up until Christmas, but I have discovered the wonderful world of podcasts which make the days fly by. Today I downloaded the first installment of ‘A Christmas Carol‘ read by Geoffrey Palmer from the Penguin podcast page. It’s great! I have also been enjoying Crafty Chica Podcast and the Ricky Gervais Show (which comes with an ‘Explicit’ warning) — and there’s still one Sunday Night Safran available on Triple J’s podcast page. Have you any other favourites I should be listening to?

See more of our beautiful ornaments beyond…

Theresa’s cool Day of the Dead ornament sparkles in the morning sunlight. I went and bought some of that sparkly white glitter yesterday. It looks particularly good on Theresa’s snowman.

A wee ornament from Hillary with a cute crooked smile.

These little amazing things were the gift tags on our parcels from Christina. Did you see what she made for Amelia? Such a lucky girl.

And this is my favourite. Amelia’s 2005 handmade ornament. I see a great scrapbooking future ahead of her (ahem).

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    Wow – I never knew you could get such good (and free!) stuff via podcasts. Now I know what I’ll be doing during my Christmas holidays.


    I love all the ornaments! Amelia’s is so cute. My sons made Christmas wreaths with lollies and cellophane. Unsurprisingly there are no lollies left! Hope you are better too.


    your ornaments are cool; I love anything to do with Christmas decor. I make my own as well – beaded ones; here’s some of the latest:

    those links are so long; um, I wonder how they are going to look in the actual post…. anyway, I hope you’ll like them =) (if the links appear, that is)


    Beautiful ornaments! Remember to take a lot of rest for you and baby. I don’t know how you keep going, I was always exhausted during my pregnancy.


    check out Eat Feed — a podcast about food!


    Lovely lovely tree!Amelia’s is my fave though… My tree ios full of my 2 year olds (Amelie) craftyness.. super sweet.


    I love the felt decoration on the tree. I remember watching mom and my grandmother make ones so similar to it and tonight, I just posted a pic of my 50+ years old felt stocking. I think it’s fantastic that the crafts pre-country cute are becoming fashionable again and that there’s young women all over the world sharing their creations with the rest of us.


    Ooh, I look forward to trying the podcasts you mention. I love the *idea* of podcasting but few I really like. But I *love* Cinecast. Two men talking about movies in a smart but not pretenous way. I’m a movie geek so it’s right up my alley.

    Happy holidays!


    My favourite podcast this year was Do or DIY with People Like Us on, by Vicky Bennett, indescribable… unfortunately, the last one went out in September, I would hope they were still available.
    The main reason I’m commenting though is to make sure you know about a competition being run by the Yann Martel, who wrote Life of Pi, to find an illustrator for that novel? It was in today’s Age. I guess the international illo community is probably already all over this, but I just wanted to make sure you knew about it.


    Lovely ornaments. I’ve been making some very similar to the heart, but my embroidery skills are nowhere near as good as those displayed here! Amelia’s ornament is so sweet.

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