The incredible expanding family

I have exciting news today. Come June 8th (or there abouts), there will be a tiny little, fourth family member in our home. I am 13 weeks pregnant and can hardly believe it.

Perhaps if you have been keeping up with my blog for a while you may remember that just over a year ago the mere suggestion of having another child seemed quite off-putting. It’s no secret that I found the adjustment to being a mother incredibly difficult and it has taken me a long time to sort through my feelings and fears about going back to that new baby place all over again. Actually don’t let me think about it too much!. Over the last couple of months I have occasionally found myself after an exhausting day wondering what on earth it is we are doing, but mostly time is just spinning so fast that there isn’t enough time to (popped-out) navel gaze. I imagine that life with a new born might be a little the same this time around.

So much has changed since we moved out of Mum and Dad’s house and into our own place. Personally, I feel stronger and more capable and happier. I feel like we are a real family again.

But it is time which has probably influenced the biggest shift in my thinking. Now from experience I really do know that the old saying “This too shall pass” is almost always true, and not just something well-meaning people tell you in moments of crisis. Breast feeding that doesn’t seem to quite work out, minor illnesses, sleepless nights, tantrums (both child and adult) and exasperating boredom… it all passes and good things follow. I feel ready to face those first few years and not be pulled down by them again (ah! we shall see!).

And I was worried about “my work” and how I will have to put it off again but I have got to the point where I think well, that’s ok. Amelia is about to start kindergarten in 2006 and soon she will be at school full time and it has gone so very fast. One of my biggest heroes is Rosalie Gascoigne and I will often think about her creating her amazing work later in life after she raised a family almost single handedly in a strange country. She found ways to be creative even before she became a well known artist – she made quilts and threw herself into ikebana, and then she made the art pieces that now hang in national galleries. I think about how time is quite elastic.

In truth, I have been busier and more creative in the three years since Amelia was born then ever before – it always seems that the spare moments are so precious that the work just gets done, and you start to find what it is you really want to spend those precious moments doing. I appreciate the clarity this has brought.

And in the end of it all, you have a most wonderful little person in your midst and the wonders increase every day. I feel completely ready to love a new one. I realise we are lucky, and I am very grateful.

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  1. chrishel00@YAHOO.COM

    CONGRATULATIONS! YOur daughter is absolutely precious, I am sure you will have another gorgeous, healthy little one. God bless you.


    wow claire, i remember reading about little amelia’s birth. she was the most beautiful child (cutest hair) and it seems as though you’ve done your very very best as a parent. i think the adjustment from one to two will be different but your best life is now and when new baby r. comes. many blessings and joy


    This bit of news has made my day! I am so very happy for you, Big P, and Amelia! You all are blessed, and the new little one will be blessed to be born into such a great family!
    Many congrats! πŸ™‚


    CONGRATULATIONS! What festive news! I love reading your updates and all aspects of your creative process…Your writings are a constant source of inspiration! All the best to you and yours!


    Congrats on the new bun! Two kiddos are challenging and wonderful at the same time. The differences and similarities are such hoot to observe. Best wishes for a smooth pregnancy.


    I didn’t even finish reading the whole post but wanted to congratulate you! I just said, “Oh my God, Claire is pregnant!” and my husband said, “Who?” Heh. Congratulations to you & the family and here’s to a happpy, healthy pregnancy.
    From a reader with a 16-mo old and an 18-wk old in her belly.


    What wonderful news! I’ve read your journal for some time and recently went back and re-read your archives around the time Amelia was born, because I too am pregnant…11 weeks along with my first. Best of luck to all three (four) of you!


    BIG congrats Claire (and Big P + Amelia)! Heres to a hearty and healthy second and third trimester. Guess I won’t be seeing you back at TAFE next year then? You will be too too busy!All the very best, Meg


    Congratulations, dear Loobylu (and of course, Big P as well!)Wow! I have my hands full with one cheeky, naughty, happy, tantrum-weilding, peanut butter-fueled, gorgeous little 2 year-old boy. I would love to have more, but -sigh- I’m just plain chicken.
    Happiness and love to you and yours always.


    Oh my gosh! Very many congratulations!
    I can relate to the difficulty adjusting to being a new mom. It never becomes less work, but it really does becomes emotionally easier, and you’re right, it is all so worth it in the end.


    Congratulations Claire! You are right. Time is just whipping by! I remember before Amelia was born, and then your ‘my daughter has crazy hair’ post – which is one I always remember. Lovely news.:o)


    it’s been years since i read ya blog too, before you got married, the post where u put up ya wedding pic, then news of amelia, and numerous pretty pics of her and the family and your veggie patch and now such superb news! God bless and God speed! hooray and have a nice long sip of tea, on me. πŸ™‚

    congrats to Big-P for becoming a dad, 2nd time round and Amelia, to being a big sister. yay!


    Congratulations Claire! I just wanted to add that I am pregnant too, 7 weeks, in England. Ive been following your blog for a few years now and loved to read about you playing with your daughter, its always got me excited for having my own child. So today I thought I’ll have a look and see what you’ve been up to with her, and lo and behold we are now sharing the same experience, albeit 6 weeks and half a world apart! Good luck for your second and my first. xxx


    Congratulations !!!
    I found #2 a very big ajustment ( my first two are 5 1/2 years apart ).Then I had 4 in 4 1/2 years !!!

    Children are such a blessing ( most of the time !!!) .

    My baby is now 2 and I really miss the pregnancy and baby stage ( never thought I would say that !!!) but my hubby does not !!!

    Enjoy your pregnancy.


    Happiness to you and yours for the rest of your pregnancy and beyond. Life with two is fun squared.


    BIG congratulations. I must tell you that no. 2 is easier – yes much much easier, and I often think that no. 2 child knows that they will get more attention if they are a good baby and toddler – but maybe after that they change their mind about it.
    And I wanted to say that I also love Rosalie Gascoigne and was quite heavily influenced by her work while I was at uni and still continue to admire her work – i always head to see her stuff at the NGA and sit and gaze at it. I like what you said about the fluidity of time. I feel like I have put my art career on hold while i raise the children – and I know through my friends experience that it does get a lot easier – children do become more independant and giving more time to art becomes more possible later. It does get frustrating (for me) but i have found other ways to be creative.

    be well and congrats again


    well done and yay :)smiles all round and hugs and flowers, cute home made things and sprinkles of sunshine

    congratulations to you and your beautiful family

    i am so clucky, i seriously need to stay away frm my boyfriends pants area

    ha! like you needed to know that


    Oh my goodness! What wonderful news. I first started reading when you were pregnant with Amelia and have loved reading about the evolution of your family. Congratulations and all the best for the rest of your pregnancy!!


    I too hit the wall with number one – I agonised over every minute with my first little fellow – I don’t think I relaxed at all until he turned 1 and even then it was only to go from neurotic to a little less so. However, I am super happy to report that I waited 3 years b4 number 2 and it has been divine. B1 adores B2, who is now nearly 1 and B2 is a breeze – I have enjoyed every minute – even the sleepless nights. So fear not, the gap and your experience first time round will make it all a new and much easier transition.:o)


    Congratulations and best wishes for the rest of the pregancy πŸ™‚ what you say about time is so true- and not just to people raising families. That’s the main thought that dragged me through a rather crappy day at work today… Now I’m off to relax with some cooking πŸ™‚ take caredi


    Congratulations!! What timing..I was actually wondering the other day if you might have another one someday.I’m sure having your own place helps ease your mind a lot too. What happy news! I’m glad for all of you!


    Aw – congratulations! That is so so exciting, I can’t wait to meet the new person in your family. Amelia will be old enough to enjoy the new baby and even help out a little so that will make the transition easier for you. We have exactly 4 years between Cam and Brooke and its a nice gap I think.


    Congratulations!!! Such wonderful (truely) news. I hear you!! Now it’s all getting easier, I throw myself into 100ths of feeds and sleeps and nappy changes again. But I just can’t wait to have another tiny body to cuddle.


    Fantastic news.
    I have just had number 3 who is 3 months old.
    I am still managing to eeek out time to quilt (i just purchased a stippling foot for my machine) and create – it just means that my house is crazy messy, but I have my priorities worked out. Creating keeps me sane, without the outlet of making stuff, I would not be a happy mum.


    Wow that was a nice surprise! I remember your posts about the concerns you felt regarding having a second child.I do agree that over the past three years your creative work has exploded. The Britsh sculptor Barbara Hepworth who was a mother to four (including triplets!)stressed the importance of doing something towards your art each day, no matter how small. Even half an hour is an achievement.


    Congratulations on your wonderful news.. I have been following your blog for a little while now and it is lovely… I remember thinking very similar thoughts to you about 28 years ago whe I found out I was pregnant with my second child… Those 27 years have disappeared more swiftly than the white rabbit down his burrow… I still feel amazed that I have a 31 and 27 year old… Both beautiful daughters who I love and cherish… All the best to you…


    Claire, that is so fantastic! Congratulations.I appreciate what you said about how time is elastic and how as you grow older you get more of a sense of perspective regarding time and how you can fit your own needs into a family context. Ultimately, it means lots of self-sacrifice of ‘Mummy-time’ in the first few years, but as these years are so precious and go by so fast, isn’t it a sacrifice worth making? As children grow older they become more independent, and I bet you won’t regret any of that time you spent with them when they are 18 and heading out the door to uni, jobs etc.
    Best wishes to you for a happy and healthy pregancy, and Also to Big P and Amelia, who will surely adore this new member of the family.


    Oh Clare, congratulations on your wonderful news! I wish you a beautiful pregnancy and tons of happiness for your sweet lovely family! Oh and to think that I read your blog since you and Big P tied the knot… oh how time flies.
    lots of love


    Congratulations – this is wonderful news! I’m so happy for you. Best of all, you’ll have two little people to make softies for :).




    Hi Claire, just wanted to add my congratulations!


    Congratulations to all concerned. I can relate to thinking that after number one, you just can’t go back there. But you are right, time goes by and you watch this little person and the overwhelming feeling for me was that she deserved a sibling and that I was being very “sooky” and I needed to build a bridge and get over it. And I am so so happy that I did. There is three years and three months between Beth and Alice. Beth is now 5 and Alice has just turned 2 and for all their differences, they are the best of friends and nothing gives me greater joy than watching them play (and fight) together. I always felt that I would have at least three children, but the two of them are just so right and we are so content, that I am happy to stop with two.


    What fabulous news!you must be feeling a little exhausted by now? what with all the sewing, toddler and little belly. I find myself also wondering about #2, WHY! I moaned and groaned about #1… but all is forgotten and I miss my baby… such precious times that you only appreciate after they are gone. Toddlers are great though and I too hope that #2 won’t be so tough….


    That’s great news Claire, I’m in that place right now where having another seems like crazy talk so it’s good to know I might come around.
    Congratulations and I wish you a healthy pregnancy πŸ™‚


    I remember your post from last year and have thought about it since then, so this new development is most encouraging!!!Wishing you all the best.


    Oh Claire, I’m so happy for you and your family. Thanks for keeping us, your internet friends and family, in the loop. I’ve kept up with you since the days when you and Big-P were dating and you were trying to scare up the courage to leave your day job. It’s been quite a journey – thanks for sharing.K


    Congratulations!… I can’t believe i’ve been visiting your site almost daily since mid 2001 – pre-wedding ;)Happy baby x


    wonderful news! congratulations to you and your family. I think you’ll be surprised at how much you still get done, even with two–you just get a little more organized about it. πŸ˜‰ Blessings!


    Congratulations, Claire, from the bottom of my heart. I can say with confidence that everything about having a second is easier (even if the child himself/herself isn’t as easy!) and sweeter–it even makes your relationship with the first child sweeter.
    May you sail through pregnancy and welcome another family member with the grace you seem to possess in bunches.

    Much love to you and your family.


    I’m a frequent reader of your blog but had never posted any comments. I figure this is as good a time as any. We have two little ones and it was SOOOOO MUCH easier the second time around. I felt like I really knew what I was doing. Congratulations!


    iΒ¬Β₯m so happy for you!! iΒ¬Β₯m also 11 weekΒ¬Β₯s pregnant , but itΒ¬Β₯s my first one… itΒ¬Β₯s all new..kissies and hugs from portugal!!


    Aw! Congratulations! I just listed you as the person who inspires me most in creating things on my blog. I’m so happy for you~here’s to an easy pregnancy and to new blessings in life!


    Congratulations Claire! Having two myself I will say that I had the same feelings you’re describing before we decided to try for #2. But seeing them together (when they are getting along mind you) is so satifying. And creatively, I’m producing more and probably more efficiently than I did prior to kids. Funny how that happens.


    What a wonderful piece of news !!!I’ve been following you for months and never dare to write but now you’re showing that you are really a great creator :-)!(with the daddy of course !)


    It’s already been said: don’t be surprised that pregnancy number two and baby number two are completely different and most likely easier than your first. You’re more experience and mature now. (((Hugs))) Congratulations! πŸ™‚


    Oh, congratulations! It’s quite encouraging to me, as a not-quite-yet-a-mom to read about your trials and tribulations, how you have conquered them to the point that you are excited to have another wee one. Quite encouraging, indeed.


    Congrats!! What blessed news. I hope you have a great pregnancy.
    (I found the adjustment to 2 just fine–my #2 was *extremely* easygoing–it was the adjustment to 3 that drove me batty!!)


    Congratulations! I am so excited for you! Best wishes from Washington DC!


    Congratulations to you all!
    All the best.


    Congrats on your upcoming baby. I don’t want to say the second baby is easy but easier. Your already ajusted to having a child so you won’t have to do that again. That to me was the hardest part about having children.


    Congrats, Claire! I’ll be at the 16-week mark tomorrow with my first. I don’t even want to think about the second yet, but sounds like you will be ready to go, with lots of help from Amelia. And wow, your due date is my fourth wedding anniversary!
    Congrats again!


    I am lucky and grateful too – 12w with my hard-won first. I remember well your announcement that Amelia was on her way, and will be following progress with much interest (as ever). Congratulations from a long time lurker!


    Congratulations! I am jealous, my husband has vetoed the “more children” idea. We only have two, but our youngest is only 6 months, so I’m not really wanting to have kids right now. Oh, I am so happy for you. Do you want to find out the gender or do you like that kind of surprise?


    Ah Claire, you are blessed! Congratulations! My children have grown so fast. I wish I were where you are in life. The amount of time spent now on the babies is infinitesimal when viewed as part of the whole. You will find the second easier and when he/she gets a little older, Amelia will have a playmate and the joy that brings will suprise you! You have so many joys ahead of you!


    Congratulations! This is wonderful news and I hope all goes well and you can enjoy this pregnancy.All the best for you and your indeed expanding family!


    Claire! How exciting. I am so happy for you and your brood. xoxo


    Definite congratulations and so inspiring…I loved reading about Rosalie Gascoigne…as an artist/mother I feel so conflicted with doing my art and raising my children. It’s inspiring to see a woman do both and do them well.
    And I agree…my children and art students have inspired me to no end. So amazing.


    Congratulations Clair,You sound like you are a great mum, and now a great mum to be to another little one.
    I can relate to your issues about time, I feel it is time to start a family and I think mmmm what about everything I have to do, but I guess you make time for the important things.


    Congrats to you! I can totally relate since my second son will be born in 2 weeks. I’m excited, but don’t really know what to expect. I’ll have a 2 year old running around and a new born to tend to. I’ll just enjoy and deal with it when it hits me, you know. My priorities now are getting our house in order, so I don’t live in kaos while I’m adjusting to life w/ TWO!
    Happy pregnancy to you!


    Congratulations! The joy I receive from the love between my 4 year old and my 1 year old is indescribable. It makes it all worthwhile! Ameila and baby no.2 are very lucky to have each other – and such wonderful parents too!


    Claire, that is fabulous news, many congratulations coming from Canada.


    Longtime lurker says “YAY!”My best friend has the same due date!
    Congrats and good luck.


    A new baby–that’s the best possible news! My two little ones are almost four years apart; I needed that much time between them, and it’s worked out wonderfully for us. They adore each other (well, most of the time!). Congratulations!


    Congratulations!! Very Excited News!!Enjoy your pregnancy too.

    Yes…it does get easier the more you have…it is amazing how the third one can practically raise themselves!!!


    i’d love to join in with the tonnes of other folks to wish you my heartiest congratulations on number 2 being on its way πŸ™‚


    Congratulations!!!!!I’m very happy for you and Big P…
    Amelia must be very happy with the news…and the idea to have a little brother ..(or sister, of course!!!)


    Congratulations! The second one is a lot easier because you are more relaxed – you know they are not going to die from crying!


    i usually just lurk, but i had to comment! congratulations on your news!
    number two is a helluva a lot of work…but you’ll adjust. having two parents ’round makes it easier. it really does take all four hands.

    your first is much older than mine was which eliminates a lot of the pain and allows room for more immediate joy. i must say that i can’t imagine life without #2, and he and #1 are inseparable.


    Congratulations! That’s fantastic and fabulous news. Long time reader (though this may be my first comment (?)). I really enjoyed your comments on how when you don’t have much time anymore, the work just gets done. I think that’s true in other contexts as well. Anyway, best of luck to you and your family. Your second is due a day after my own birthday (June 7th), so I was very excited as well at the thought of possibly sharing my birthday. I was due on June 8th as well, but snuck in at 11:02 p.m., just under the mark. πŸ™‚


    congratulations! all the very best in the world to you guys :o)


    congratulations Claire!! I too “ummd and aaahd” about having a second child and all I can say is she was sooooo much easier because you kind of know what your doing a little bit more than the first time around. And with a toddler at home as well you dont have time to fuss about things that arent that important!


    You are a few weeks ahead of me πŸ˜‰


    Congratulations! I hope everything goes well. I’m sure one is lovely (I don’t know because I had twins first), but two certainly make a great family.


    Wonderful news! That is very exciting. It is quite something to go through it all again, in a good way – the ‘new mum’ anxiety isn’t there and it is so amazing to see your first-born with a new sibling. Plus, maternity fashions just keep getting better & better!


    Congratulation on your pregnancy. I just found your blog like yesterday, and I must say, you do have a quite interesting-lovely life stories down there in Melbourne. Wish you and your family the best. Thanks for sharing.


    That’s fantastic news! The best part about 2 is seeing them make each other laugh so hard that they can’t sit up. Congratulations.


    Much love going to you and the whole family! May a smooth time be had by all! How exciting!!


    My gosh! Is this a record number of comments? Mine might get lost in the throng, but I wanted to add my congrats… and say that my birthday is June 8th, too!
    Big hugs, Claire!


    Do you know how excited I am for you?! And I dont even know you, except for your blog that I’ve been visiting for the past 4 years πŸ™‚ Congratulations Claire, with all my heart. Now I have to ring my sister and tell her the good news (see how pathetic we are) because you are our role model.


    CONGRATULATIONS CLAIRE!!!! I think the adjustment is supposed to be easier the second time around — you’ve already been there, you’ll be more confident and experienced and naturally, you know that eventually, the madness WILL end, so it makes it easier. At least, that’s what my sis-in-law tells me πŸ™‚ You’ll be GREAT!


    Oh wow!! I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS! What exciting news for your family. You did well not to drop any hints. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes for the new little one.


    Congratulations! I am the eldest of four and one of my sisters was born 5 years after me, in my first year of school. It was great having that age gap and being able to watch her grow up and understand it. Now, in my second year of uni, i can watch my brother in his first year of highschool and my youngest sister in her last year of primary school. Best of luck, and don’t worry about the age gap. It can be a fantastic thing.


    How excellent! I am so happy for you. I haev been an admirer of your crafts and talent for some time now, and would like to say I think your children are very lucky to have such a neat mom. I think you will do just great. Try not to worry too much about tomorrow. Yay! I’m just so thrilled for you.


    Congratulations! Speaking as a mom with kids in the twenty-something age range , it all passes by in a flash. Enjoy the ride, as intense as it may be at times.


    I can’t believe all the comments! Well yes I can. I am thinking about having number 4. So congrats on the fab news – I hope all goes well


    hi clairei am so pleased for you! i have one fantastic boy 2 1/2 now (i can’t believe it ) . today we we in borders and he said to me mona lisa and i said where? and he says here and points to a little picture on a completely unrelated cover oh i love him so. i have been following your blog for a little while now (since i saw your beautiful pears in hudson)and and i just want to thank you. i have had a hard couple of months but yes it is passing now. i have been inspired and comforted by flicking to you.
    thank you


    CONGRATULATIONS! I just recently found your blog and I’m enjoying it. You’re so creative. I look forward to following this part of your jouney.


    Congratulations and many warm wishes Claire! :)We’ll be thinking wonderful thoughts for you over here!


    Congratulations! It has been such a pleasure to get a glimpse of your family. You seem to know when to stop & think, & also when to let go & do. Amelia is so lucky to have such great parents! And now a new baby! Wonderful. Best wishes for a safe & healthy pregnancy!


    Hi Claire! I hail from Melbourne as well and have been reading your blog for almost a year now. It was due to your blog that I found a love for crafts and even bought my first sewing machine so I could make soft toys for my 22-month old daughter. I’ve never commented before but I just had to say sincerest congratulationson the impending arrival of another baby! I’m 12 weeks myself with baby number 2 and am so happy when I hear about more expectant mums. Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!


    i’ve been reading your blog for about 2 years & i am totally happy for your new bun in the oven ! congrats to you & your hubbie. from a fellow soon-to-be mum for the first time …


    Congratulations Claire! I can’t believe how far you have come since back in October 1999 when I started reading. I’m so happy for you and Big P and little Amelia.


    Let me be the 183rd commenter to say a BIG congratulations to you and your family on this most exciting and wonderful news! Children are a blessing and they have a way of teaching us as much as we teach them.
    Yes it will be hard and it is a big adjustment with two instead of just one but once the little one gets older you will find they play together and it’s just so cute to see them being such good friends!

    Well done and I hope the pregnancy is lovely. Enjoy it if you can! πŸ™‚



    just read it… and wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


    Congratulations! I have to agree with you, I’ve been busier and more creative ever since my daughter was born! I tend to appreciate more of spare moments than I used to. And of course, moments with my kids are always the gems of my life. I’m loving every single second of my days now.
    – from a mother of 3 years old daughter and 4.5 months old baby girl.


    Congratulations Claire! The second babe certainly takes a bit (well, a lot) of adjusting to, and sometimes you want to put them in the cupboard for a few days, but you’ll love it πŸ™‚ Best wishes!


    I find it a bit silly and a lot touching that a post like this can make my jaw drop and give me chills. I’ve never met you yet through the magic of the internet, I feel as if we are connected in some way… if only through the shared trials of motherhood vs. craft. I wish you much happiness (and patience!) for your upcoming adventure. It will kick your ass…but in a good way. =) xoxo.


    Congrats Claire, Big P and Amelia! I echo what others have said – it is easier in many ways the second time around, and you will probably find that Amelia gets a kick out of “helping”. My 2-year-old is lovely with the baby and actually does assist me in real ways now.


    Oh, gosh! I remember when you were a pregnant with Amelia, it seems so lovely that you’re having another. Congratulations!


    Congratulations! It’s an epidemic – every couple of weeks someone announces the pregnancy. Congratulations Claire. Like you said, the first time was scary, but time allows for changes in growth and outlok. I’m having my first one in about 6 weeks.


    Congratulations! Sweet news. And you are right, all things do pass making room for other wonderful things.


    wow! congrats! i wonder what he/she will grow up to be?wishing you the best
    caylie πŸ˜€


    re: your advent calender.Love the idea. I have a friend who made one out of matchbox’s in a kind of chimney formation and all decorated.
    On a related tangent I saw ‘you me and everyone we know’ it doesn’t have content that I feel should give it an ‘R’ rating. Nothing that will disturb or frighten an adult anyway. I thought it was a really interesting take on various creative processes, or creative metaphors. I really liked it πŸ™‚


    Oh, congratulations! You will be a wondeful mother of two! I have enjoyed your site for awhile now and have sent it to many of my friends to keep them inspired as they work and live with a strong creative drive!


    i must first begin by thanking you for your honesty regarding the difficulties you’ve had adjusting to life as a mommy. i find so many people are afraid to speak freely about having a hard time and so fluff it up for public consumption. i appreciate your candor.
    second, congratulations!!! the second pregnancy goes by so fast – try to enjoy it as much as you can.


    Loobylu, you are my absolute hero. I am a young single Mama with a 2 and 3/4 year old girl, and it was your blog that inspired me to start my own. I was a big fan of your pictures in the Big Issue long before I made the connection…Anway, my father, with whom we live at the moment, always says “everything’s a phase” and I try to appreciate what each day brings me. Even when it’s being woken up in the middle of the night, a pooey nappy or a speeding fine. My mother also used to say “your time will come” and I am banking on that, and hope I hit my peak in my 40s…
    Keep up the role-model work!


    Congratulations!!! That’s great news!!!
    Oh yeah, I love your blog and want to link you. Do you have an image or banner I could use for the link?


    Congrats from PEI, Canada! I have a 3 and a half year old and 2 month old boy /girl twins home (How’d you like THAT for a surprise!) and the second time ’round doing the baby thing is remarkably easier. I exclaimed out loud “Hey! Claire’s expecting, awesome!” and my hubby says “Who’s Claire??” He doesn’t get the whole blog thing… haha… anyway, good luck.


    WOW! Great news Ms Looby. I lurk on your blog every now and then and was very excited just to see the graphic. Congratulations. My newborn phase first time around was just dreadful but I know what you mean about these things really do pass. We’ve been trying for #2 for 8 months now but I know when it does happen I will be genuinely excited. All the best to you and yours.


    Yay!!! Congratulations! This is Lindsay, from way way way back in Diaryland days… yeah, way back! Back when you didn’t know a lick of html… and look where you are now!!! Whoopin’ everyone’s design booty! Yay! I’m quite proud to say that I knew Loobylu when she was just a little bird. Again, CONGRATULATIONS on work and family and baby #2!


    Hi there – I’ve read your page for many months as I’m an illustrator myself – but always found the personal family stuff much more interesting than the professional (not to disregard your work – it’s always a delight!) but it’s just good to get to know someone beyond their pictures on the web! Anyway, enough confusing ranting – just wanted to say congratulations and a merry christmas to you all!


    Oh Claire! That is such wonderful news! I’m sure Big P and Amelia are thrilled! Congratulations and much love to you and your family!

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