Six years on

Yesterday afternoon, as I was peeling squashed grapes off the kitchen rug, it occurred to me that it’s now December and (apart from all the exciting advent things that happen in December) December also marks the anniversary of the beginning of my website. On December 3rd I had been blogging for 6 years. That is honestly the longest I have stuck at anything (apart from relationships with friends and family of course) so I am quite proud of myself.
I am not amazingly proud, because keeping a blog seems to be one of the easiest things to do – there is so much to be gained from blogging. I love the friends (real and virtual, near and far) I have made, I love the ease of expression and the immediacy of feedback, the sense of community especially the warmth and support of the wonderful craft blogging women and I love the fact that I have this sort-of record of my life for the last six years and more importantly the first three years of my daughter’s life. It’s only a sort-of record because obviously much goes unsaid and what I publish is often the glossy, happy, shiny version of my life. I don’t delve too often to the bits where I find myself weeping after a particularly hard small-child day, or the moments of insecurity and mind-numbing self-doubt that I am sure every artist and craftsperson experiences. But even so, it’s a record and a record that I am content to put online.

Yesterday afternoon I was called by a guy who told me that I was one of 11 finalists in an Australian Blogging competition with the first prize being $10,000 (big shout outs to Virge who let me know it was on). He told me that they would be deciding on the winner in the next couple of hours and would I be available to answer media questions if I won. Of course! I went to Kmart to buy dad some socks for his birthday and as I guided Amelia through the aisles (she had her hands over her ears and her eyes squeezed shut because she didn’t want to catch a glimpse of the father christmas who sat at the door mournfully ringing a bell) I could almost smell that $10,000. What a fabulous way to celebrate 6 years of blogging, I thought. But a couple of hours later and still no word and by 5pm I had given up. Sure enough, I see today on their site that Singing Bridges took out the $10k. And I have to say, I am so happy for her! I am so pleased that a woman won, that an art blog won and that someone who can obviously really put the $10k towards her art and her blog won. If I had of won, and a newspaper had asked me what I was going to spend the money on, I would have had to have said something sad like “air-conditioning” where as Jodi will be able to continue to travel, blog and do her thing. Big props Jodi!

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    I’ve been reading your blog for about five years, I can’t remember just how I discovered your website, but yours is the first blog site I came across.
    I wish you had won the prize but I do admire you for congratulating the winner so wholeheartedly. I will have to check out her blog now.

    Also thank you for being such an inspiration to us other freelancers out there.Reading other people’s blogs while I work at home with just the cat for company keeps me sane.

    I wouldn’t think any less of you if you did admit more to the negative moments we all experience while trying to live creative lives. And the fact that you balance your work with looking after a small child and a house makes me admire you even more and reassures me if I did have a child I could still retain my identity.

    I hope we get to enjoy many more yers of loobylu 🙂


    Hey Claire,
    I’ve been following your blog since day 1. That was six years ago when I still lived in Germany, was desperately trying to move to Oz was and gobbling up anything on the web to do with Australian design.

    I love the glossy, happy, shiny version of your life and over the years you have given me many things to giggle or think about, be jealous of, contemplate, check out or simply feel sad or happy about.

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! Keep it up and don’t worry about the 10k … who needs it *sigh*



    Let me be among the first to congratulate you on six whole years! I’ve been reading you for a number of years – couldn’t say exactly how long – and I just love your blog. Here’s to 60 more years! Cheers!


    I love your generous spirit! Your still my winner for best blog. Happy anniversary.


    A big congrats on six years (!!) of blogging. I’ve been lurking around for at least half that time I guess and I look forward to many more years of your wonderful writing, craft and gorgeous art.


    I have only been reading your blog for a couple of months (I wish it had been longer!) but I love your accounts of daily life. Hearing about how other mum’s get through the day helps me weave my way through the murky waters of motherhood 🙂 Thanks and I hope I’ll be checking out your stories in six more years!


    Congratulations, Claire! Such a wonderful milestone. Your blog is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement.If it weren’t for your blog, I would never have been brave enough to pick up a needle and make something crazy…let alone get driving lessons…or start my own blog. I really enjoy the snapshots of your world.


    Congratulations on six fabulous year of blogging, Claire! I’m with Fran… your blog has been a daily source of inspiration for me, too. Here’s to (at least) 6 more! 😀


    I’ve only been reading your blog for the past year, but you were my “jumping off” blog for other crafty/art blogs. I found Wee Wonderfuls and from there I didn’t stop. I wish you had won the $10K… But don’t stop blogging, and mayeb you’ll get it next year.


    I would be spending it on air conditioning, so maybe it’s not such a bad thing. 🙂
    Happy anniversary – best wishes for another six years (and more) of bloggy happiness. 🙂


    ClaireReading about your blog in The Age a couple of years ago got me involved again in creative activities after a serious illness. I was and am inspired by you and others found through your blog.
    I now have my own blog and many new web friends, not to mention Artist Card swaps, Glue Books, Art explorations Fat Books, and no time to do anything else
    Thank you Thank You Thank You


    Claire, you seem to be the only gracious loser in the bunch. Everyone else has nothing but derrogatory things to say about the winner. Your response indicates that you definitely deserve the aclaim you received (Being #2 is great! Even though it is worth $9,880 less…).


    I would have voted for you! I am an avid Loobylu follower. But I agree — seeing the forest for the trees (or however that expression goes) let’s just be happy that an art blog won and a woman no less. Yay!


    Congratulations all around. I’ve only been reading for a short piece of your six years but it has been quality reading. You are an inspiration, so I’ll join the chorus of “thank you’s!”


    wow, has it been that long? you’ve been one of my favorite reads for a little less than those six years. It’s been fun watching (reading about) your growth as an artist and craftsperson and mother. Thanks truly for sharing these bits of your life via Hope you stick around to play a little while longer…


    Wow! Congrats on being a finalist and the 6 years. Do you remember the first few months of your blogging and how there was probably a few other blogs that you visited, that inspired you to do your art, your craft, your hobbies.. well I’ve been only blogging for a few months, you have been that to me. Thanks


    congratulations. i recommend your blog to every person i know, even to my brother… he repairs harvest machines!!! ja the best thing about your blog is that you are the engine of other people crafts and thoughts. kisses


    6 years? Wow, congratulations. You have definitely cemented yourself as one of Australia’s best blogs – I just love visiting here regularly and being inspired by your creativity and reading about the trials and tribulations of your regular life. So thanks for, well, being you! And you deserved to be a finalist – I’d be mega proud of that achievement alone. =)


    You should have won given the competition. Your humour, intelligence and personality make yours one of the best Aussie blogs I’ve read in a long time.
    Congrats on the anniversary


    Six years!That’s a long time. I don’t post here very often, but I am a regular reader. In fact, yours was the blog that got me started with my own about six years ago. 🙂

    I liked your design and your writings so much, and was inspired by your your creativity… I still am!

    Best wishes to you, and congratulations on your expanding family!

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