Six years on

Yesterday afternoon, as I was peeling squashed grapes off the kitchen rug, it occurred to me that it’s now December and (apart from all the exciting advent things that happen in December) December also marks the anniversary of the beginning of my website. On December 3rd I had been blogging for 6 years. That is honestly the longest I have stuck at anything (apart from relationships with friends and family of course) so I am quite proud of myself.
I am not amazingly proud, because keeping a blog seems to be one of the easiest things to do – there is so much to be gained from blogging. I love the friends (real and virtual, near and far) I have made, I love the ease of expression and the immediacy of feedback, the sense of community especially the warmth and support of the wonderful craft blogging women and I love the fact that I have this sort-of record of my life for the last six years and more importantly the first three years of my daughter’s life. It’s only a sort-of record because obviously much goes unsaid and what I publish is often the glossy, happy, shiny version of my life. I don’t delve too often to the bits where I find myself weeping after a particularly hard small-child day, or the moments of insecurity and mind-numbing self-doubt that I am sure every artist and craftsperson experiences. But even so, it’s a record and a record that I am content to put online.

Yesterday afternoon I was called by a guy who told me that I was one of 11 finalists in an Australian Blogging competition with the first prize being $10,000 (big shout outs to Virge who let me know it was on). He told me that they would be deciding on the winner in the next couple of hours and would I be available to answer media questions if I won. Of course! I went to Kmart to buy dad some socks for his birthday and as I guided Amelia through the aisles (she had her hands over her ears and her eyes squeezed shut because she didn’t want to catch a glimpse of the father christmas who sat at the door mournfully ringing a bell) I could almost smell that $10,000. What a fabulous way to celebrate 6 years of blogging, I thought. But a couple of hours later and still no word and by 5pm I had given up. Sure enough, I see today on their site that Singing Bridges took out the $10k. And I have to say, I am so happy for her! I am so pleased that a woman won, that an art blog won and that someone who can obviously really put the $10k towards her art and her blog won. If I had of won, and a newspaper had asked me what I was going to spend the money on, I would have had to have said something sad like “air-conditioning” where as Jodi will be able to continue to travel, blog and do her thing. Big props Jodi!