December’s a-cooking

Hot hot hot. Phew. Hanging out for the cool change tomorrow so I can feel human again. We started our advent activity calendar this evening so we are all walking around with brightly coloured toe nails. I have reassured Phil that we have remover so that he can be back to normal for his Yoga class next week.
So December is here which means that November’s Month of Softies theme (“This guy is an accessory”) is over. Please don’t panic if you are yet to finish your contribution as the gallery never closes so keep stitching and upload your photos when you are done. Here you can see all the wonderful softy-accessories so far. And if your contribution isn’t showing up, there are a few reasons why it might be so to be found here.

Now here’s the fun part. Does anyone have a suggestion for a new theme for December? I have officially run out of steam. It’s probably the heat. It could be that I am preoccupied. This time last year we had “Holiday Hang-Ups” which were just beautiful. I think it’s a good idea to have a holiday theme of some sort because everyone tends to be so busy with this kind of thing at the moment anyway, so throw me some suggestions and I’ll settle on an idea by the weekend (my time). Thanks!