Quick n Nasty Advent Calendar

With about half an hour to spare this morning I realised that if I was going to do an activity advent calendar for December it was going to have to be now or never. So I grabbed a couple of packets of origami paper and folded very rough and ready envelopes with an evening activity written on the inside of each one and sealed with an old yellowing sticker on which I wrote the date. They now all sit on the dining room table in an old box of Big-P’s. This is a box that has been sitting around for years because I thought P had some sentimental / family attachment to it. While I was photographing it I asked him to remind me why the box was so special and he said “my brother used to keep his receipts in it” . Ok, so a very special, old family box holds our madly rushed advent calendar.

Next year I am going to attempt to make something as beautiful as Rosa’s. Just perfect.