Marshmallow and friends

Ahhh finished just in time.

The three bunnies are packed in an express post box and are on their way to Adelaide for Morphe. I am quite pleased with these little critters, though the little pinky faced girl looks sort of puffy in these photos – I guess she needed a little more stuffing, but in real life she looks far less marshmallowy. She doesn’t look much better in this following ‘lifestyle’ shot! Poor little Marshmallow.

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    WOW! You are amazing. I can’t believe how cute they are, and I know that you were pushed for time. My work is going to look so small compared to everyone’s else. Maybe I should have included a flashing light with them!


    ok, comming out of lurkdom to say how much i love these – i want some. they are adorable! my three girls would think they hit the jackpot with such cuteness sitting on their beds. your work is beautiful!


    AHHH, ahhhhh. Ok, I’ve gotten over that little hysteria. One word. Gorgeous.


    Hey..I knew you would make it in time..and they are so CUTE!! My daughter would hug them all so tight..(and probably me too..). I would definately buy a book of patterns if you ever did one!!


    Funky and adorable! Congratulations, Claire, I’m sure they’ll do well at Morphe.


    good to see you got them finished…oh do you ever go to the red hill market? it’s on this sat..i’m going!


    i’ve been a silent follower of your blog and i just have to say that these bunnies ARE AMAZING! your talented work is truly inspiring.


    Oh how adorable!! Just so perfectly sweet and happy looking! Is it vintage chenille that you dyed for their heads and arms? Or did you buy it new in those colors?


    Those dolls are the cutest! I can’t believe they are so far away…I love your blog and would love to add a link to my blog if that’s ok. Your illustrations always make my day!

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