Whistle while we panic

I have a couple of deadlines which I am dancing dangerously with at the moment. The first and fast upcoming one is the Morphe exhibition in Adelaide. The exhibition opens on December 6th, but the toys need to be there by November 30th in time for set up (hanging / bump in etc). So I calculate that if I get my toys into express packages by next Tuesday afternoon they should still be safely in Adelaide on the Wednesday. Why? Why do I need to calculate that I can get my toys into packages on Tuesday? Because I still have three out of three toys to make! Ah! How did this happen? Well, (apart from always being a dreadful procrastinator) I have had a couple of trial and error attempts which have come out as big errors and now I am retreating back to an old and safe formula and hopefully I can get something that I feel proud of ready in time. Hopefully.

Secondly, I am working on the illustrations for a kid’s activity book which is immensely satisfying and perhaps the most fun I have illustrating in a long time, but the deadline of December 23rd looms upon the horizon. Today the lovely designer sent me a list of the art work status – what was finished, what was still in the works. I went through the list and made a quick calculation of how much time the unfinished work will take me. I worked out that if I am very quick and don’t spend a lot of time pondering facial expressions, textures or colour harmonies it will take me 58 hours. I then went through my calendar and calculated the hours that Mum has promised to look after Amelia for the next 6 weeks. You wouldn’t believe it but it came out at exactly 58 hours. Unfortunately, some hours later I realised there was a slight flaw in my calculations – the first was that I had left no time for rough sketches (important to send off for client approval) and I had also for some reason presumed that Mum started looking after Amelia at 9 in the morning. In fact, I leave home to take her to Mum’s at 9 and don’t really start work until I get back around 9.45 or 10ish.

So suddenly I feel busier than I already felt. And here I am blogging. And now I am going to do an illustration of me panicking – and then I am going to do some work.