ooh! good mail

On Friday I got two fab packages in the mail. One was a little post pack from Melissa containing these two purple cuties. If you get the opportunity or find the need to buy one of Melissa’s creations I highly recommend it. They are tiny and exquisite. The second pack was a little mysterious from an unrecognised source. I opened it up to find THREE bars of Green & Blacks Organic white chocolate, bought from an Australian online shop by one of my overseas clients! Lovely surprise.

I think I may have come up with my fabrics for the quilt. I only have fat quarters of most, and one yard of the munki-munki farmer’s market so as long as I can get most of them again this could be ok. I will definitely be making up a sample square to see how it looks but I am so please to be able to use the fish (and they pick up the oranges in the farmer’s market!) and some of my favourite munki-munki ones that I have been saving. Do any quilting experts have any pointers that I may have missed with my choices? I am going to take them next door to my neighbour Jill for her advice (so good to be so close to a fellow quilter) but otherwise I am going to try out my new rotary cutter tonight.

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