Green and fuzzy

Here is a little chenile guy in red overalls who is heading off to Newcastle with Beck so he can take part in the “Stuffed” show as part of the “This is Not Art” festival.

STUFFED is a group exhibition incorporating soft sculpture by emerging Australian and International artists. The works are inspired by the aesthetics of plush toys and their relationship to human behaviour, investigating social norms and a darker side of ‘cuteness’.

If you are lucky enough to be in Newcastle for the festival, you can find Stuffed in Shop 7 Civic Arcade, Newcastle from the 29th September. 12 noon to 5.00pm.

Also going is this spooky little white cat toy for part of the show where all the toys will be made purely white.

Little White is creepy and I am glad she’s left the house and isn’t sitting on my table anymore. She reminds me of some kind of pupa version of one of my cats, waiting to emerge from a cocoon.

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    I really like the little spooky white cat. Perhaps it is because I’m gearing up for Halloween. It just looks so soft. I love them both. Enjoy the festival. Cheers.


    I love the little chenille guy! The polka dot fabric inside the ears is gorgeous. Plus, I am very envious of your granny-square rug… have been wanting to learn to make them for ages.


    little white is indeed creepy, and little chenille is fantastic, but what I love even more is your closeup photo of him: it looks like a portrait of a very cheeky boy!


    Oh my gosh, I don’t think the white cat is creepy at all, I think it’s mesmerizingly beautiful. I actually gasped out loud when I saw the picture. It is serenely gorgeous in it’s simplicity.


    They both look so sweet and so you! I have to admit that I like Little White – something about the simplicity of it – like those uber-modern homes that are all white… she’d fit right in!


    I love Little White! 🙂 Didn’t think it looked spooky at all. I was going to volunteer for helping out at the festival, but unfortunately, I’m not going to be in the country then, so *sigh*, can’t see your little chenile guy nor little white in the flesh.


    They are both so gorgeous – the white cat is a real revelation to me. I love the idea of monochromatic toys… the shape and lines are distinguished only by the shadows the pieces cast. So amazing!


    Green fuzzy guy is the cutest thing ever! I want him!! haha White kitty scares me a bit. She’s very cute, but I’d feel like I had to watch my back around her. hahaha


    I have some vintage chenille bedspreads that I bought with the idea of making teddy bears from them. After seeing your little man, I think I should make a start …..


    A marshmellow cat. yummy..spooky? ok, but..sweet spooky..hihihi

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