We’re out of here

Amelia and I are going to my parent’s house in the country for a week. We have no plans but Amelia is intrigued by the idea of catching a yabby in the back dam. I have warned her that in my 33 years on this planet, I have never managed to see a yabby in the back dam let alone get one to hang on to my sophisticated lump-of-meat-on-a-long-bit-of-string apparatus. She doesn’t seem to care but tells me that Pappous might cook it on the barbeque. I looked up Yabby in Stephanie Alexander’s tome of wisdom and yabby cooking seems to be possibly as traumatic (for chef and animal) as lobster cooking with the added factor that yabbies will taste like mud if not prepared properly. And really… (did you click on the link back there?)… as if Amelia is going to respond favourably if we do manage to haul something like this out of the dam. My girl freaks out when she sees a fly buzzing against the front door.

Photo courtesy of my brother – thanks Andrew!