AJ away

It’s not even 8.30am and I am sitting here at my computer sipping a cup of tea and browsing some of my favourite craft blogs before I start work for the day. Amelia went off with Big-P about twenty minutes ago for her day of childcare at a friend’s house and then she will be staying with my mum tonight and spending the day with her tomorrow while we get our new kitchen cabinets put in.
Last night, after Amelia was all tucked up in bed fast asleep and breathing through a whistling nose, it occurred to me that I would be away from her for two days. That is the longest time we have been apart in our short three years. At first I couldn’t help but feel a bit excited and carefree at the thought but then it began to sink in and right now I feel quite love-sick and missing her. I know around 9pm tonight Big-P and I will both be contemplating the ridiculous idea of stopping by Mum and Dad’s so that we can sneak into her room and stare down dotingly on her sleeping face. Yes, yes. Revolting I know but them’s the breaks.

Ok, off to do some work stuff.