Illo Friday – Aging

This week’s theme for Illustration Friday is “Aging”.

This was a very rough study of the aging of a character. I was going to make it a finished illustration but I ran out of time. I would still like to some time. It was quite fun wondering how this same person would look at 20, 30, 40 etc. You can find the full illustration here.

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    This is absolutely brilliant! I love the sense of aging gracefully and of all parts of the journey being important (each drawing is strong in isolation). What I’d really like to see as a bonus would be this done as an animated gif or similar (like Tony LaRocca’s animation for this week). Or even as a short Flash film with music!


    i LOVE stuff like this!
    adorable! i am glad you put up even the sketches… thanks again for sharing


    I really like that illustration! It reminds me of a picture my grandparents had in their old house that I was always studying. It was called the stair of life or something like that… childhood memories


    This is wonderful Claire! You can really see the difference of age in each character, but at the same time recognize the same person.
    I’ve always loved your work, and you will forever remain one of m top favorites.


    At 38 I lost both of my grandparents. That was 3 years ago. It was while grampa was in the hospital and I was looking at this frail life leaving us that it occured to me, even him and gramma were someones ‘babies’. They had always been old and the young in their foolishness don’t know that the old have already been there and done that. So by looking at these pictures you realize that 88 and 93 years are really not all that long and they go by so fast. Have a great life everyone. Enjoy it!


    That’s just beautiful 🙂


    I love this! I’m trying to find my own stage in your drawings but I don’t see the toddler hanging onto a leg anywhere! And bravo for this woman for staying so beautiful and strong! Beautiful work.


    This illustrates the topic very well, and your style adds a real charm to it. I love how appropriate each of the outfits is to the age, and I think the touch of pink throughout gives it a finished look. Nice!


    this is truly a congenial take on the theme! I like it a lot. and the scatchy look is just perfect. you really took a close look. funny, how the clothes change. I find myself inbetween the all dressed up to the nines and the straight-line look.


    I too love how the fashion changes with each age. Today,even though I am only 32 I feel like the woman in the final shot. Two toddlers and two trips to the emergency ward this week have worn me out!! So I think there is a little bit of every age in us given what happens on the day!!Well done Claire.


    Beautiful works!! I love it, one of my fave so far! Keep up the good work, keep us facinating!


    This is utterly gorgeous!! The one 3rd from the oldest end is definitely my favourite, the jaw line captures it all so succinctly.


    Excellent. What more needs to be said?
    btw: Don’t tell ’em you ran out of time! This sort of “unfinished” work has just as much flair as any completed piece. A few rough edges never hurt any drawing.


    The whole illustration is BRILLIANT!!! Clare!! You are supremely talented!! What is that like?!!!


    This is so beautiful! I love it.


    you are such a fantastic artist!

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