Month of Softies gallery and new theme

Here is the gallery of images for July’s A Month of Softies – Sock Monkeys!
If your monkey doesn’t appear in this gallery it may be because either you have not yet set up your flickr account and uploaded your image or perhaps you have not added the tag “MOS July 2005” (including the inverted commas) to your image. There is some more info on tagging your images here.

If your softie is still not showing up even with a correct tag it could be that your account status is either pending or NIPSA (there are some more details on the Flickr site here.) I have been advised by Flickr support that if you think you may have this problem you should email them and find out your account status.

So all that being said and done, it’s time to announce the new theme for A Month of Softies.

“The Wild West” — (with a hat tip to Amy’s Tie One On theme for June) I have to admit that I have come up with this one for selfish reasons. Amelia has just requested that I make her a Jessie doll from Toy Story 2 for her birthday so I have cowgirls on the brain.

Here’s some fabric inspiration.