Illo Friday – Tranquility

I can hear Amelia talking incessantly to Bronwyn out in the kitchen. She keeps shouting “Hey!” . Outside the electrician is installing a new metre box to the outside of my studio wall – he is drilling and hammering so hard the window is shaking and my monitor is vibrating. And the topic for this week’s Illustration Friday is “Tranquility”.

Despite my jangled nerves, here is a little girl pausing momentarily to let the full winter sunshine fall across her face.

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    Great illustration and I love your explanation. That is almost always quite a tranquil moment – soaking up the warm sun on a cold day.


    I shall have to remember this during Winter in the US…I’ve often felt like that when I catch a patch of sunshine while the world is white. Lovely…


    J’esp√®re que tu comprends le fran√ßais, parce que je ne parle pas anglais…Ton site est merveilleux, tout est magnifique, j’en ai les larmes aux yeux!! je n’ai pas encore tout vu mais je vais le faire maintenant!!


    Lovely, Claire! We haven’t had an Illo Friday from you for a little while, and I’ve missed it. This captures the concept perfectly!


    Sensational new design Claire! and a gorgoeus illustration….I really love it. As for that winter sunchine..I checed the weather in Melbourne the other day and in the middle of the night in the middle of winter it warmer than here in the Netherlands in summer. Sorry about the broken record. Its a great illustration!


    Hiya honey! Been a coons age since I have been by! Did I ever tell ya I was finally preggo? Due anytime now actually. Our first son. Anywho, was thinking of you and thought to head on over and see what was up in your life! Your little girl is growing like a weed! Stay sweet!


    I know how you feel. I spent the last few hours listening to my daughter Ryan having a chat with the dogs next door via her bedroom window. Considering she is 1.5 hours past bedtime this is both beautiful and vexing. Hang in and enjoy the ride.

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