Mail is good

“Embroidery is the bee’s knees. And I can do it while I drink a beer, which I can’t do while I’m knitting!” – Jess Hutch
Makes me want to do some more embroidery… So does Jeff and Jess’s cute kitten. But in the mean time – I wanted to show you my WILD back-tack stash which I received in the mail this week. Excuse the bad photos – the light is better in my studio in the mornings.

Jane from Yarnstorm spoilt us rotten. She included a great book for Amelia by Quentin Blake and lots of goodies for me. Not only did she send along one of her gorgeous button pin cushions but she also made a polka dot scissors case and included some fabric and a vintage table cloth. Bliss! Jane picked up on the fact that I want to get into doing some patchwork sooner rather than later and made me this amazing bag for fat quarters. Here it is hanging on my fabric cupboard:

I LOVE IT. Thank you so much Jane.

The mail has been good to me this week – apart from Jane’s box of goodies, I received a package from Kelly which made me smile. She included a fuzzy peach and lots of bits and pieces of fun stuff for Amelia:

How cute is that peach? She included some little pots for herbs which got me thinking about our garden again. At the moment the whole yard is full of wood which is full of big nasty rusty nails and is a complete no-go-zone — Remember the hot tub?