Stop Press ! Changes to MOS

As you may have noticed I have been finding the Month of Softies gallery extremely hard to maintain. Each monthly gallery takes me over a full day’s work to put together so after thinking about it for some time this month I want to try something new. I hope it doesn’t put you off as it will be a little more work for you than sending a simple email and link.

If you would like to participate in MOS for July, it will be necessary to have a Flickr Account – if you don’t already have one, please sign up and start one. It’s free and easy.

Once you have your account up and running, please upload your Sock Monkey / Monkey creature / sock creation to your account and make sure you tag it… The tag you will need to use for July is “MOS July 2005” — easy! Make sure you include all three words in parenthesis and make sure you spell it all correctly. This will mean when we do a search for July’s gallery we will have an instant gallery from the first day someone sends in a contribution!

Also, I have started A Month of Softies group on Flickr which includes a group photo pool and a discussion board so join the group if you are interested.

Please let me know what you think about this change. I have been really tempted to stop the Month of Softies all together but this way we can keep it going FOR EVER!

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    I’m ambivalent about this as I have never used flickr. I was wondering if there could be a system set up similiar to Illustrationfriday? At IF you just type in your blog address and it automatically links you up. Perhaps, the creator of IF Penelope could set us up with something similar? Even if it was a basic no nonsense look, it would be easier for all.
    Just an idea…


    I recently signed up for flickr and haven’t done anything with it, yet. And since I was thinking of participating in MOS for the first time, it’s great and will make me use my flickr account (“blank page syndrome,” you know).


    I think that having a self-maintaining system is a great idea! I’ve just set up a flickr account (I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now), so I’m ready to go. I’m now uploading all my previous entries (February, May, June) too.


    Me, too. I’m not a participant, but I like to peek in… and this will make it way, way easier to do so. I think you’ll get some attention from the other Flickr members. πŸ™‚


    Great idea Claire! I hope this makes the MOS more manageable for you, because I know so many people love participating and viewing the results… well done!


    It’s a wonderful idea. I wouldn’t want A Month of Softies to end.


    I think its a great idea. You are a mom! How much “free time” could you have to do things like this? This should be fun for everyone- including you . Thanks for doing this ! Mo


    Sounds like a great idea! I don’t think anyone who participates in MOS would want it to be a drain for you. Time is a rare and precious commodity, especially when you have young children!


    Great idea — I similarly use Flickr to organize the photo gallery. SO much easier than maintainnig our own gallery. Great minds think alike! πŸ™‚


    Sounds great to me Claire. I have been concerned at your level of responsibility and expended energy in the softies gallery. I’m very happy to go along with whatever you suggest. Thanks for thinking of a way to prolong the fun!


    hey there-I just did the “Tie One On” gallery on flikr and posted it all myself as a set, not as a group-and it took about 1 1/2hrs. I might do it as a group in the future, but for now, I like to have the control. I love it and think it will be perfect for MOS. and good for you for making this change, much less work.


    Sounds great to me too. (Not that I’ve pulled up my socks and participated for a few months but if I do get organised, flickr works great for me!)


    Everyone who knows it seems positive – so I will give it a go… I’m just wondering what you’re planning on doing with May’s Softies…


    Okay, I think I know what Im doing. I like that you can see the pictures though, illustration Friday is a bit of a pain when you have to click all the links and Im very lazy.


    Good idea! I wondered how you would have time to keep doing this. What a great way to share the creativity and include more people!


    Well, now that I’ve actually checked out flickr and understand you can create groups (I didn’t know that!)I’m feel excited about the whole idea. Plus, it gives people more control over what you want viewed, etc. I really do like the new format!


    That’s a great idea… now if only coming up with a MOS submission was as easy! I’ve been toying with participating, but it seems I only have good ideas after I see all the cute stuff everyone else comes up with. :o)


    Sounds fine to me – and a great idea. I’d much rather have to put up with learning how to use Flickr than not seeing Month of Softies at all!


    Flickr is fine with me! Glad to hear you’ve found something that might make it a bit easier for you to continue doing MOS–I appreciate all your efforts to keep it going!


    works for me, less stress for you! πŸ™‚

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